Barry Lebow

Barry Lebow


Too often we have seen salespeople win major awards, been applauded for their success and then start on a downward slope as their self-esteem escalates and their daily work routine declines.


Barry Lebow interviews The Plowman Team


"I just cannot believe the stupidity or greed of agents. I have told lawyers more than once that the agent suffered from a severe case of commissionitis."


Seth Godin has been described as America’s Great Marketer. He’s the author of 13 books, mostly about the post-industrial revolution, the spreading of ideas, marketing, leadership and change.


I don’t like the current disclosure forms because they are restrictive and obviously put together by well-meaning committees, but they are limited in their scope.


Stigma can be real or perceived. Once the community knows of a problem, from a murder in the house to a grow-op, the word is out.


Four-in-five Canadian boomers say their next move will be to a smaller home, either to save money (46 per cent) or to enjoy more luxurious features (34 per cent).


In most businesses or careers, one thinks about their future and how much money they will need to enjoy their retirement. Not so with real estate agents.


Canada faces significant aging of its population as the proportion of seniors increases more rapidly than all other age groups. In 2001, one Canadian...


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