Bruce Keith

Bruce Keith


And six sales myths


Periodically someone will say to me, “This prospecting is not working.” This conclusion usually comes from an individual who in their own mind has been working hard and not getting enough results to make it “worth my while”.


Everything has its price. Success has its price. Failure has its price. Gaining weight has its price. Losing weight has its price. Doing more business has its price. Doing less business has its price.


The best salespeople have high standards right from the start. Let’s face it; you don’t go to the doctor after you get healthy. Only work with buyers who meet your standards.


Stuck in a rut? Even the best salespeople run into periods where their production does not seem to be moving forward. It’s frustrating and sometimes it’s like running into a brick wall. The harder you try, the more things do not seem to go your way.


Here are some ideas for what to say the next time a price reduction is required on one of your listings.


It really boils down to staying mentally tough enough to handle the rejection and move on


Great negotiating starts and ends with give and take. The taking part isn’t hard; it’s the giving part that is tricky