Former top-producing Realtor and REM columnist Carolyne Lederer-Ralston recently released Gourmet Cooking – At Home With Carolyne, an Amazon Kindle ebook that also can be used on smartphones using a Kindle app.

The Kindle cookbook, now available for $5.99 (US), is a collage offering of her newspaper gourmet cooking columns that she began writing in the mid-1970s, long before gourmet cooking became the buzzword it is today, she says.

Lederer-Ralston is a home cook food writer who studied home economics. She is an original recipe developer who taught gourmet cooking. She also worked as a scholastic, academic and textbook copy editor and indexer and dictionary editor. In 1980 she entered the real estate industry and captured a 24 per cent market share in her trading area west of Toronto.

She never gave up cooking, creating new recipes and writing real estate-related consumer education articles. For the past decade has been a columnist at REM, writing Recipes for Realtors.

Lederer-Ralston says her readers say they enjoy her unique storybook personal writing style and say they often feel she is right in their kitchen with them.

To order, visit and search for Gourmet Cooking – At Home with Carolyne.


  1. Spring is such a short season here in Canada, followed by several months of hot, sometimes very humid weather in some locations.

    We have REM readers all over the world and some even think we are part of the United States, often the confusion coming from the use of the continent name “North America,” applied to both countries.

    To see where I am here in Toronto, Canada, if you have access to a globe, or a map, locate with your finger New York City on the east coast Atlantic Ocean, in the American ‘State of New York.’ Then moving your finger to the west and ever so slightly north you will see Toronto Ontario at the bottom the ‘Province of Ontario.’ In Canada.

    We are located very far south in our country and have similar weather conditions as NYC, due the being on such a large lake, Lake Ontario, that some days seems to be the size of the ocean.

    Canada and the USA share the longest undefended border in the world, us back to back with our American neighbours to the south of the 49th parallel, many who read our national real estate newspaper magazine.

    Summertime, and the livin’ is e-a-s-y … ♪ ♪ ♪

    A perfect time to choose from a variety of my cold soups, an abundance of my salad dressings to choose from, and of course homemade ice creams, granita’s, sorbets and semi-freddo recipes. Each an original developed over the years. Served alongside any of your favourite BBQ meals, you will surely enjoy preparing lunches, dinners, and even breakfasts: inside or outside.

    REM provides a useful search field box at the top of each screen, or simply scroll through the Columnist button marked “Carolyne’s Recipes” earmarked “Recipes for REALTORS®” now available in an ebook Kindle, and look for hardbound and soft cover cookbook recipes on international bookstore shelves in the coming year.

    It’s a gigantic project, undertaken by a NYC publishing house, possibly in a series, due to over the years I have created more than 1500 original recipes starting back in gourmet teaching days in the mid 1970’s, even so I had cooked for years prior. I had saved all my old newspaper recipe columns of the day, revisited and rewrote them to update, drawing the memories into today’s gourmet world.

    Here is the ebook link connector that is representative of many recipes REM has provided over the past decade; scroll down through the “Comments” to see additional related recipes.

    To order the ebook, “Gourmet Cooking – at Home with Carolyne,” it is available here for $5.99 US.
    Email Carolyne

    If you have had difficulty connecting with Amazon to place your personal order, please send me a private email.

    Carolyne Lederer-Ralston

  2. Carolyne,

    You continue to be an inspiration.

    There indeed is life beyond real estate.

    I do not know of any other mature woman starting a new venture like this. You are utilizing technology to distribute your book and that excites me. You always were a forward thinker.

    Thank you for your initiative to share your recipes, your experience, and your encouragement to your readers.

    • I hardly know what to say, Tina. Sometimes thank you doesn’t nearly cover it.

      As a septuagenarian (nearly an octogenarian, in real terms) I expect I’m well enough advanced in years to be your mother.

      When I asked editor Jim to seek to bring you back after a noticeable absence following a rude comment posted by an abominable colleague, I was happy to once again read your well-meaning, spirited, stories. Your own career provided a wealth of opportunity to show an agent side not seen often enough; sometimes reminiscent of pioneer days with your servicing clients far removed from home base, in a clearly neglected market arena specialty within the industry that requires a special kind of personality.

      You might consider turning your blogs into a book? Real estate tales in the real live world.

      There was a story in the Ottawa area news about an older senior couple I think perhaps in their 80’s, each in a different seniors’ care residence because there was no facility available where they could be together. They were still much in love after decades, missed each other dreadfully, and could no longer physically care for one another. The story broke my heart, and I knew if you were nearby you would have been quick to help figure out a better arrangement. There’s something to be said for “angels unaware.”

      I was thinking one of the passion-care agent groups might have been able to offer a rental property house assisted accommodation, using some sort of fund. And maybe OHIP could have covered the required medical care using at-home services. Many agents contribute towards programs showing large value cheques’ pictures being presented to multiple organizations. There was no Ottawa follow-up story that I could see.


  3. If you just go to and type in Gourmet Cooking – at Home with Carolyne, you can see I had them reload the whole cover picture.

    Click “look inside” as it shows at the top of the loaded picture, and you can read the “Synopsis,” the “What Our Readers Say,” and others, for free, along with the first several recipes.

    Or, just click this direct link:

    Many thanks for all the nice comments. And also special thanks to those who have copied and pasted and passed along the cookbook link to their friends. Someone even added it to their real estate newsletter. Cool!

    For those new to REM, perhaps check out Editor Jim’s link: “Recipes for REALTORS”


  4. Congratulations on your new cook book Carolyne. May you sell millions to gourmet food lovers everywhere.

    • Shelley M wrote:

      “Thank you so much for sending this to me!
      Unfortunately we don’t have kindle here but I was able to read the sample offered by kindle this morning. [You can read the cookbook on your phone or the Kindle App or use iBooks.]

      I will definitely pass on the link.

      [I’m hoping all our REM readers will pass it on, too.]

      What lovely recipes!”


      Thanks to Tina in Manitoba for putting my cookbook onto her social media. And to Ross for a nod on FB. You don’t have to cook to buy a cookbook. You can always buy a gift for a friend? Not many gifts can be had for only $5.99 (US) at and it’s an instant purchase for those people who forgot a birthday, or such.

      And thanks, Brian. Maybe you can find something in the cookbook that your mum will enjoy when you cook for her.
      Always remember gourmet is often just in the presentation. Nothing esoteric in my easy recipes. Most things people already have in their pantry.

      When your book is finished I can’t wait to read it. With Peggy, Ross, you, and me and who knows who else, maybe we could start the REM reader’s book club.

      Have fun reading the test pages.

      “Gourmet Cooking at Home with Carolyne”

  5. Thank you to REM’s editor Jim Adair and owner William Molls (and dad, Heino Molls) for a decade of support of my exclusive Gourmet Cooking column – “with the REALTOR® in mind.”

    And to all the REM readers who comment here and privately off line.

    Thanks for your continued support…

    Much appreciated. (Still on medical leave, my licence on hold).

    Carolyne Lederer-Ralston
    Going where tomorrow is… Hope to see you there.
    [email protected]

    • It has been suggested that I need to tell our readers that they don’t need to have a Kindle machine to read Kindle books.

      You can read my book directly on your iPhone, or you can install the Kindle “App.” Also you can read Kindle Books using iBooks that apparently comes with all phones and computers. Please correct me if I am wrong.


      “Gourmet Cooking at Home with Carolyne”

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