By Michael Krisa

You never get a second chance for a first impression – and your first impression can be defined by your business card.  Buyers and sellers may meet with several agents, but your business card hangs around longer than you do. Does your card have these important elements?

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Michael Krisa has a unique style that demystifies video marketing and helps brokers and agents alike implement this powerful strategy into their marketing mix, using nothing more than their mobile devices. Michael received his real estate license in 1989 and is a licensed real estate broker, a syndicated columnist and a freelance internet marketing consultant. As a sought-after speaker and trainer, he is best known for helping to utilize video and video marketing in a way that actually works to make Realtors money! With over 400 interviews to his credit, Michael has become recognized as “That Interview Guy”. Send him an email.



  1. Another great marketing tool idea… In support of this REM article.

    “The REALTOR(r) Who Cooks” [add your own city in front of the word REALTOR(r)]

    Since I’m not in your marketing area, and if I were still an active participant (I had to put my business on hold while dealing with a family cancer situation), this is what I would do in the current marketing strategy of the Net world. Young or old, net-savvy or not, many people still are touchy feel people. Not only do we eat first with our eyes, most communication starts by seeing, followed closely by sensory, smelling, and feeling.

    Using the concept that years ago I heard of, that of preparing special business cards for each listing, and being sure your web ID is on your business card, reminds me of how I did what was considered the unusual; (she works in an unconventional manner!) And when I was one of the first to have a website, setting it up in 1997, some colleagues said I was just showing off again, when they didn’t have a web site and some figured the web was just another fad.That’s twenty years ago.

    Mine was a simple site initially, just a few pages; and, sadly I had to fire several ‘web masters’ who simply refused to follow my specific requests and instructions, saying among such: “but you can’t use those girlie corporate colours on the internet. Only red, black, and blue works in the net world.”

    But as was often the case in what I did, I continued to be known as one who thought outside the box. I certainly wasn’t smarter than others but I had a diverse background from which to draw upon to present memorable marketing that had nothing to do with real estate as such, but had everything to do with people. I was truly just a vehicle, a supplier of information that any and every buyer and seller needed to know, and it seemed that no one spoke to them in everyday language terms and mechanics of operations.

    But eventually things settled down, and we all learned that on the Net, content was king, so every few weeks I penned a new consumer education article that I sent out in my farm newsletters, then had each article added to my website. My site just grew and grew. And I ordered business cards by the gross. Different than local cards, I had to order from WA state. Rememberable cards that people wanted to save (often in their wallets for years). I left them everywhere I went and other agents complained that their clients told them they had saved “my” card.

    But way back then, how to drive traffic to my web site… (Using my business cards.) I included my domain URL on “everything,” including on my beautiful rose, teal, sunny yellow on bright white for sale and sold lawn signs.

    Again, I had invested in strong, white powder-coated steel frames that didn’t twist or warp easily. Your sign in the ground stands for what you represent. Make sure it is always pristine and never leaning inappropriately due a wind-storm or any other reason.

    And again, I was advised against using white frames with white stiff coroplast strong base sign boards. Guess what? You could see and identify my signs with my girlie corporate logo colours from miles away, even more so in the months of snow. I later redesigned the shape by mounting the signs lengthwise, installed on posts; yes, of course: bright white posts. All white on white made the hot rose, teal and brilliant sunny yellow appear nearly airbourne.

    That was a start. And that definitely works. By having your URL visible, it brings business to your company. Fortunately when the Net became popular, I was my own brand name boutique company for six years already. Who knew? The Net seemed to appear out of no where, overnight. I was on the front page of Google searches in our city, in the top five FOR YEARS! And I never paid a penny to Google or anyone else for SEO. Content was king.

    It all literally cost me “nothing.” Not a single dollar in Net expense. Perfect example: I stopped adding new content when the cancer situation took over my life, and it didn’t take long for me to all but disappear on line. I, instead, went into pay it forward mode. We only live once. Be sure to give back.

    But you want to bring business specifically to “you.” How to do that? Well, for starters you need your own private domain. Right from the get go. Yes, your company name needs to be dominant on your site, even on your private real estate site, and your company is responsible for “your” personal content approval.

    You must have your brokerage approve your personal site. So many agents don’t do that, don’t believe that is actually “a rule,” and simply refuse to comply. Everything you do, and everything you apply to your day to day business is “owned” literally by the company your name is associated with, AND you are their responsibility.

    You would think brokers would take this topic more seriously, but many don’t. My site grew over time to be one of the largest and most comprehensive agent-owned domain sites in the realty business.

    Back to marketing. You might want to invest in, or prepare yourself, using a graphics’ program, some special business cards of a standard size, (easy for clients to use and store), for a specific marketing effort.

    Here’s one such idea: Print business cards, a new one each month that only has on it a specific domain URL. I would use an otherwise blank card, nothing expensive, but recognizable good “stock,” with just the REM picture of the current recipe on it, accompanied by the REM domain URL relative to a specific recipe.

    Not only does it get my name in possession of my farm people, and brings readers to my real estate domain, simply,, but it introduces readers to REM, where the reader can learn all sorts of relative real estate information.

    Even people who say they don’t cook have to eat (and millions of cookbooks are published and sold annually just as a treat to “look at,” and never used otherwise, or at best just for ideas), and also they might pass along the REM recipe URL business card that also has your personal domain on it. And, yes… ABSOLUTELY… Choose a font large enough to read! And forget gray colour or screened phone numbers. “No one” can read them. Also forget reverse print on anything. Especially on websites. Would-be readers leave immediately no matter how pretty the graphics are!

    My special business card might say: BRAMPTON REALTOR(r) COOKS across the top, both sides. And show my cursive corporate logo; ‘Carolyne’ Realty Corp. Along with “Visit “”

    In fact I could get my fabulous rememorable business card regularly used in its standard form, and print this on the back, as an example, where I sometimes print emergency local telephone numbers. That’s why the public saved mine.

    Call it criss-cross marketing. The idea is: you want people to save your card. Even if they save it in their recipe file. It’s true. They don’t care who you are or what you do… Until they need you. You are not suffering rejection. People simply don’t need you, till they need you. But you need to be top of mind when they do.

    They might not need your real estate services at the moment, but guess whose name they will repeatedly see on a regular basis? Yours.

    You could even use my own REM recipe URL. Wouldn’t matter that the URL is mine. They got it on “your card.” And since I’m not trading in your area, REM benefits, too.

    Sample is the picture and lead copy that REM editor, Jim, chooses to put with each recipe: copy and paste the associated picture and lead copy he puts with the URL to take your card reader to my full regular REM Gourmet recipe column: Gourmet Cooking with ‘Carolyne.’

    This idea would likely work really well on the USB travel stick business card, as per the current REM article, too, for those among us who are grand techy-reps. Me… I’m just an “idea-person.”

    Your people will be sure to save YOUR card. No telling how long they will save it, (I had people show me they carried my card in their wallet for years, but when they are ready to buy or sell they will have “your” contact information at the ready. Surely “your” phone will ring.

    Let me know your thoughts on this idea.

    Sample REM URL, for this concept :

    Crop the graphic so only the picture and editor Jim’s few words of lead copy show, and print this URL under the sample picture (in this example):

    Or you could incorporate this generic URL onto your business card:

    Or you could have your web master insert the URL into your own personal domain web site, as a hyperlink cross-reference. It doesn’t matter that my name shows up (my material is copyright protected but I offer its use to colleagues as a pay it forward idea). I’m not trading in your market area. But it will be a keeper point of reference “to you and your name,” (even so my ID stays with it) when your business card readers need your area services.

    Take ideas you read on REM, and find a way to incorporate them into your own marketing. We’re all in the people-business first and foremost. And that leads to a successful long term real estate career.

    Happy Cooking to All, and to All a Good Night …

    Carolyne L 🍁

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