A screenshot from Basesan’s new CRM software.
A screenshot from Basesan’s new CRM software.

There are many tools available to real estate professionals to help them keep track of client’s contact information and other important details. While the concept of client relationship management software is not new, a startup company recently rolled out its improved version of the timeless digital Rolodex.

Basesan Client Relationship Management is a new resource for tracking all the most relevant and important information about clients. The software comes with a monthly subscription fee and offers Realtors a one-site solution for scheduling meetings, setting up tasks and tracking your work using Basesan’s interactive calendar. There are also areas for address, notes and actions or tasks that can help you organize everything you do by client. The simplicity of the interface allows even the most rudimentary of computer users the chance to get full benefit from the software.

The dashboard offers users the option to look at client files, case files and activities. In the client list section, you will find contact information for clients including tags to separate how you wish to handle them. For instance, Recent Weekly Calls or Call List 2019 or however you wish to name and delegate actions related to calls. Clicking on individual clients will bring up their information file including the address and phone number.

The Cases category works like a property list where properties for sale or sold can be listed by address and other information such as pricing, appraisal value, MLS number, transaction type and related fields. The Activities category takes you to a calendar where you can see appointments by day of the month with the most relevant information – who and when – highlighted for your information.

The Events category shows you a by-the-date listing of all of your upcoming events and meetings. Its interface offers options such as location, priority and time (the interface is similar to Google’s Calendar tool).

Alex Alvarez, Basesan’s founder says the software currently runs in two country-modes: U.S. and Canada. “Overall, they are both the same CRM service, but the respective set of fields are adjusted for a particular country.” He adds, “All of our systems servicing our Canadian users are hosted in Canada. As it should be expected, all Canadian user data doesn’t cross borders (and) stays in Canada, including all files uploaded to our service. This is a service built for Canadian real estate professionals and runs in Canada.”

Each Basesan subscription provides real estate professionals with a multi-user, shared account with one main user (account owner) and three additional dependent user accounts for assistants, support staff or partners.  Users can be added, modified or removed at any time only by the account owner.  All accounts within the same subscription share the same information.  One of four access rights can be set for each dependent user: Disabled, Read-Only, Read and Write, or Read, Write and Delete.  This allows the account owner to provide just the necessary access level for each user.*

Alvarez says, “There are a few services like this on the market today, but we believe Basesan is not only pretty complete and built explicitly for real estate agents, but simple enough for most users to get going right from the start.”


* The story was changed from the original version to clarify the user management features.


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