Barry Lebow
Barry Lebow

Toronto real estate veteran Barry Lebow says he has created a new concept in real estate brokerage – a team to handle the most complex situations.

Lebow says the Senior Team GTA will work in areas such as helping seniors move or downsize, hoarders, estates, divorces, mortgage arrears, business partnership split-ups, court actions and stigmatized properties, in both residential and commercial situations.

The new team will operate under the Re/Max Ultimate Realty banner.

Lebow says he took many months to develop the team. The planning included creating a new website as well as a book specifically for lawyers. More than 450 of the new books were hand-delivered to lawyers in Ontario in attractive black gifts bags with each lawyer’s name on the bag in calligraphy.

“The response so far from the legal profession has been very impressive,” says Lebow. He says he has been formulating this concept for a long time. The idea “came after my life partner turned to me one evening and said, ‘Do you ever get easy deals?’”

The new slogan for The Senior Team GTA is: “The Complex, the Most Difficult is Our Norm”.

Lebow has more than 51 years of experience in real estate and has worked with lawyers in more than 600 trials. He is a long-time REM columnist.


  1. Barry, I’m excited for you and for the clients who you will represent. You are an extremely knowledgable professional whom never blinks an eye when faced with challenges, embraces it and works it through, with care and consideration. It is great to see you bring this to fruition.

  2. Barry that is an amazing undertaking. Most Realtors dream of having as many “easy” deals as possible and you search out the challenging and more difficult deals. Congratulations on this program and where can I buy a copy of your book. Thanks Roy

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