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Tina Plett

Tina Plett is a retired real estate sales rep from Steinbach, Man. Visit her website.


Then there was the time she moved alone from the country into town, where she had felt very pressured by her agent. She would choose an agent carefully this time. This was the last time.

Do faith and business mix?


Does faith have a place in the public arena, and how does that look for me and my business? I remembered a story from years ago and how it impacted the way I live out my faith and business today.

Don't be afraid of well-informed millennials


Millennials are a major segment of the home buying population and they’re avid researchers. They don’t need agents for research anymore. This scares some agents.


What happens when that person is someone in your business? A client, an employee – what if they’re the one who drive you crazy? How can we keep working with those who hurt us?

real estate pet peeves


Real estate is a weird industry. Lots happens that would never fly in another industry. If we were all pizza delivery guys for example, these frequent yet acceptable real estate pet peeves would just not happen.


I had taken all the courses, had outlined my goals for year one, and was ready to begin my first year in real estate. From my first day on May 1 to the last day of December that year, guess how much I made? I’ll tell you my expenses were $22,000 for that half year.