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Ramona Ursu

Ramona Ursu is a partner and broker at Baron Realty in Toronto. The firm specializes in matching buyers and sellers of apartment buildings. Send Ramona an email.


Commercial tenants are very different than residential tenants. Even an experienced owner of apartment buildings can face new issues when dealing with commercial tenants.


What are environmental requirements for the sale of an apartment building? In a nutshell, lenders need to make sure that every commercial site (and rental buildings fall into this category) is being sold without hazards.


Cap rates and the direct capitalization approach to valuation is a useful tool to have in your toolbox as an investor. However, there are many supportive or alternative valuation methods besides just this one.


There are endless books on how to build successful teams, and even some focused on how to build brokerage teams. But few focus on why most team leaders fail at building them.