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For Alberta buyers, there’s one recurring carrying cost that flies under the radar during offer time – the amount of property tax they’ll pay throughout the lifetime of their home ownership.


While monthly mortgage payments will indisputably take up the largest chunk of a homeowner's shelter budget, the costs for utilities and property taxes are also important considerations for prospective home purchasers.


While every province charges LTT or some form of property transfer fee, depending on the tax structure, buyers may pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands in addition to their home purchase.


Assessing Days on Market is equally of importance for prospective buyers seeking an edge. Not only can it indicate the level of competition within specific neighbourhoods, but it can potentially raise red flags.


Are Canadian home buyers really bothered by the presence of legal pot? According to new national survey data, when it comes to homes where pot has been puffed, buyers would rather pass.


The plight of the millennial Toronto home buyer has been a turbulent one; for this generation, the search for the perfect abode has been...


The British Columbia government has a reputation for being a real estate industry disruptor. Some believe some of the measures may spread to other Canadian housing markets. Here’s a look at what could be coming.


While it’s always the role of the real estate agent to help clients navigate the market’s nuances, solid guidance is needed more than ever this home buying season.


As witnessed in the days of Vancouver’s double-digit market appreciation and currently in Toronto, bidding wars can pump neighbourhood prices overnight, leaving lenders' data in the dust.


As of Nov. 30, Canada’s banks – big and small – have been subjected to new rules impacting the insurance of their bulk mortgage...