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Toronto lawyer Martin Rumack’s practice areas include real estate law, corporate and commercial law, wills, estates, powers of attorney, family law and civil litigation. He is co-author of Legal Responsibilities of Real Estate Agents, 4th Edition, available at the TREB bookstore and at LexisNexis. Visit Martin Rumack’s website.


The federal Interest Act prohibits a lender from penalizing a borrowers on unpaid arrears in some circumstances. Does that rule apply also to "discount" mortgage rates for good behaviour?


I am often asked by sellers to advise how much (or how little) information they must provide to potential buyers. It’s never an easy answer. Although "buyer beware" still holds, there are exceptions.


At its essence, an assignment of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale – informally known as "flipping a home" – is a simple concept. What is the benefit to the new buyer? There can be several.


Mortgage shopping has its complexities. If you are a real estate professional who is being asked for information and advice from a home-buying client, beware! It’s important that the client gets the proper information.

RECO warns public about former broker


It may surprise you that in more than a few cases, condo unit owners have been forced against their will to vacate and sell their units. In other words, courts can evict condo owners.


As most homeowners are aware, mortgage life and default insurance is different from homeowner’s insurance, which provides coverage for loss caused by fire, theft, and in some cases, floods or sewer back-ups.

Duty of care real estate


The HST New Housing Rebate was established and is governed by the federal Excise Tax Act and is aimed primarily at those who buy a new or substantially renovated home from a builder. As with all tax rebate programs, there are certain eligibility requirements.

Supreme Court of Canada


The ground-breaking Supreme Court decision addresses the question of how good faith and honesty come into play in real estate contracts, in terms of each party’s contractual performance.