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Jeff Stern

Jeff Stern, a 27-year real estate veteran with Re/Max Performance Realty in Winnipeg, received the 2017 CMHC/MREA Distinguished Realtor Award. He is an instructor for the Provincial Real Estate Licensing program, a member of the Education Committee and sits on the Professional Standards Investigation and Hearing Committee at MREA. He gives back to the community as chair of the MREA Shelter Foundation and writes stimulating and enlightening articles on his blog. The opinions expressed are those of Jeff Stern and not the Manitoba Real Estate Association.


This was ingrained in me: the customer is always right. Even if they’re wrong. You’ll never argue them into submission or agreement. Concede. Serve.


They say there’s no such thing as a dumb question. Most of the time, I agree.


I’ve spotted a hole in the market – something every business used to offer, but that has virtually disappeared from the customer service landscape.


Agents get attacked, robbed and murdered at work. It happens. A lot. The fact is, real estate agents are at risk when hosting open houses. Thankfully, there is something we can do.


Whether you’re a new sales rep or a seasoned agent who’s been around the block and then some, you need to know something: DIYing your property photos is killing your listing.


How one couple ended up with litigation and a lost deposit (and how they could have avoided it). You have duties of honesty and fairness to everyone involved.


I was recently working on a transaction in which the other agent’s client was selling their property and, at the same time, experiencing the onset of dementia.


When we’re online, we forget that there are real human people on the other end of the screen. We spurt off things online that we would never do if they were in a crowded place with a megaphone.


Throughout Canada, people can be real estate agents part-time and serve coffee at a local Starbucks or drive a cab on the side - except in Manitoba. We just don’t know how lucky we are.


Buying and selling a home is emotionally taxing, and we all have our list of questions going in. At the end of the appointment, my friend and I finally felt heard, reassured and satisfied.