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Heino Molls has been the Publisher of REM, Real Estate Magazine (formerly Real Estate Marketing), since 1989. Previous to REM, he worked as an executive at the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), and at the Toronto Star. Contact Heino by email or call 416-425-3504 x2.
worst profession


What's the worst profession in Canada? What job title conjures up the worst image of a person for you? The one that most often comes to mind for most people, however, is government revenue official or tax man. More specifically, Canada Revenue agent.


Today, most of the families looking for a home have two incomes. That was not so much the case before. It is just a given now that both are working folks and if there are children in the family, daycare is a main concern when buying a house. Is the home close to day care? What kind of day-care facilities are there?