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Humour columnist and author Dan St. Yves was licensed with Royal LePage Kelowna for 11 years. Check out his website at


Starting out a brand-new year, perhaps it might be a great time to either try locating some items you’ve misplaced over the years, or hand in others you may have accumulated along the way, which weren’t yours in the first place.


Real estate humour columnist Dan St. Yves imagines Santa sharing some letters he's received from real estate salespeople across the land.


Pretty soon, you won’t have images of carefree youngsters in shorts tossing frisbees at the beach in August, it’ll be old Saint Nick advising shoppers not to forget "Dec. 25 – it’s coming faster than you think!"


Prior to the previous owner’s relocation to an enchanted castle, this home was her residence along with her step-sisters and step-mother. Well, the sisters and mother remain in the rest of the property…


I’m sure many of you are wondering why I’m not just using a PowerPoint presentation, but I thought it would be fun to gather up some pictures I happened to take, or noticed someone taking fortuitously.


You can make a house “smart”, even if you may not be the sharpest implement in the drawer yourself. Not too long ago, I bought a home security camera to provide updates while my wife and I travelled.


I refer to this as Murphy’s Law of Timing in Respect to Listing Your Home For Sale. Less wordy types might refer to it as bad luck.


Some interesting new options appearing across the country for struggling homeowners are the quaint, adaptable “tiny houses”. You can tow them, park them or play a game of catch with some.


This is your home, your castle! Should you be forced to endure these relentless and often inconvenient intrusions? I say no, and hereby offer the following solutions for different sales situations.


Music is such a great background companion when you’re working – and some songs seem like they were written specifically for while you’re fixing up a house.