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Bob Aaron is a Toronto real estate lawyer and columnist for The Toronto Star. He can be reached by email, on his website, and Twitter @bobaaron2.


How does an interested buyer know if a home’s basement apartment is legal? And what information about basement apartments must real estate agents provide to buyers?


In the September issue of REM, Bill Johnston wrote that until April 1974, Ontario didn’t have a land transfer tax. The fact is that Ontario’s first Land Transfer Tax was introduced in 1921.


What happens if a real estate sales rep finds out that some visitors were having sex during an open house? Or worse, what happens if the sales rep is personally involved?


Is it the obligation of the listing agent to verify the units being sold against the condominium plans to make sure that the sellers' deed matches the unit in which they are living?


As a result of the failure to put the insurer on notice, the agent was denied insurance coverage in defending herself in the negligence action and was personally responsible for her legal fees.


A recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court in July highlights the obligation real estate agents have to review home inspections with their clients.


The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) sent a controversial newsletter about the use of escalation clauses to agents across the province. Discussions on the Internet lit up with criticisms of the RECO position. 


For the first time that I am aware of, a law firm in Ontario has established its own real estate brokerage to handle the needs of the local community. But not everybody is happy with the start-up realty firm.


If your clients buy without a survey, make sure they understand the huge risks they are taking. A property survey is the single most important document in the whole process