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The former owner of Imaginahome Inc. and former Realtor at Re/Max, Aiman Attar is the managing partner of AGENTC: The Real Estate Recruiter. She has worked in the real estate industry for over 10 years with Toronto’s finest, most accomplished Realtors. She decided to dedicate her talent and experience to helping you hire the best candidates to build your business. Email Aiman.


A Health Saving Account (HSA) is a plan where the employer (that’s you!) funds tax-free medical expenses coverage for each “arm’s length” employee, through a third-party administrator or trustee.


A recent interview a salesperson conducted with a candidate for a job as his assistant left us speechless. Without naming and shaming, I think...


There are two important indicators of the right time to hire your first employee: time and money.


In real estate, as in most other businesses, the notion of long-term employment, where someone stays with one company for life (or at least a very long time), is over. Is that a good thing?


The culture of an office is a big reason why people leave jobs and the only way to truly get a sense of it is to be a part of it, even for a day. How does it work?


Being great at sales and giving exceptional service to customers doesn’t necessarily translate into someone being a great leader and manager.