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Yvonne Dick is a contributing writer for REM with two decades of experience in journalism.


Some are exactly as you may imagine – lit up neon for sale signs. Others are subtler and offer user-enhanced interfaces for potential buyers and street traffic.


According to a survey by MarketingSherpa, 82 per cent of respondents trusted print ads in newspapers and magazines as one of the main advertising channels used when making a purchase decision.

From left: Rick Haws, president of Salefish; Andrea DeGasperis-Ronco, president of Opus Homes; and Roy Hobbs of Crescendo Real Estate Solutions.


Salefish, a cloud-based point-of-sale real estate software solution, has proven to be a hit with real estate developers, new home builders, salespeople and clients.


Education continues long after mandatory licensing courses. Personal coaching and private training is gaining popularity throughout business sectors.

Robert Curphey


Robert Curphey put his real estate career on hold for an entire season while he skied more than 6.138 million vertical feet at Whistler, B.C.


Using 3D software used for websites, cinematic projects and games, real estate professionals can now show clients a property in its best light.

Arie Barendrecht


With no uniform standards for builders to follow regarding what sort of internet connection to install in a new property, there are discrepancies from one building to the next, even on the same street.

Claude Boiron


If you sell your condo using The Boiron Group and commit to buying another home with them, broker Claude Boiron's company will cover the cost to replace faulty Kitec plumbing.


If you are not confident about your photography skills or have been asked not to take photos at family events, here is a handy guide to hiring a good photographer for your real estate photos.


We live in interesting times, as the Chinese proverb goes. The presidential election in the United States shows us the ripple effect that can occur when our neighbours to the south do something a little different with policies and rules.