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Attentive From Sign Up Till Sign Down, rural agent Tina Plett wins the affections of people near Steinbach, MB. with her unique blend of forward-thinking business savvy and down-home, countrified lifestyle. Sutton Group-Kilkenny proudly calls her their own. Visit her website


The grandson said something that nearly made me gasp. “How often should I release the pressure on that valve?” I? As in, he would do this for his grandma?


What refreshes you will be different than what works for others and that’s okay. I’m curious – how to you recharge when facing obstacles?


It’s so important to celebrate the awesome stuff. We’ve got to consciously choose gratitude and hope every day and remember the good things.


Free home evaluations are a valid way of drumming up business. It was a great way to meet people who were interested in buying or selling houses and start a conversation about their needs and how we can help.


The first thing we noticed when we arrived at the property was the pile of broken drywall and lumber just beside the house. Before walking into the house, I asked the client, ‘You’ve got your flashlight?’”


Agents, we need to get it through our thick, competitive heads, that we don’t need to steamroll and pull each other’s hair to make it! We need to realize other agents are our not our enemies – they’re our best customers!


Then there was the time she moved alone from the country into town, where she had felt very pressured by her agent. She would choose an agent carefully this time. This was the last time.

Do faith and business mix?


Does faith have a place in the public arena, and how does that look for me and my business? I remembered a story from years ago and how it impacted the way I live out my faith and business today.

Don't be afraid of well-informed millennials


Millennials are a major segment of the home buying population and they’re avid researchers. They don’t need agents for research anymore. This scares some agents.


What happens when that person is someone in your business? A client, an employee – what if they’re the one who drive you crazy? How can we keep working with those who hurt us?