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Susan Doran is a Toronto-based freelance writer who has been contributing to REM since its very first issue.
With his personal brand, Real Estate By Bike, Basinski sets himself apart from other agents through his emphasis on “cycling culture.”


Arty Basinski dubs himself “the real estate agent for people who don’t want a real estate agent.” A Toronto-based sales rep who “tries to be as real as possible...”

Writer Susan Doran with the surprise she found on her front lawn. (Photo: Aidan Brooks-Doran)


Opening my front door recently, I was greeted by several municipal workers digging a hole in the front lawn.

Located on 75 acres along a seemingly limitless stretch of unspoiled beach, Vivo Resorts has an ambitious master plan.


Vivo Resorts, a gated community of luxury condominiums and private villas on Mexico’s Pacific coast, offers “tremendous value in an emerging location,” says developer Cary Mullen.

Desiree Tomanelli


Desiree Tomanelli has her kick-ass Realtor image down. Suit. Heels. Cell phone in hand. Various mentors have advised her to change things up from time to time in order to stand out.

Larisa Yurkiw (Photo: Elijah Shark)


Larisa Yurkiw, not long ago one of the top ski racers in the world, left the sport in 2016 highly regarded as someone who competes on her own terms.

Peter Mason


Peter Mason was the youngest-ever president of the Toronto Real Estate Board when he was in his early 30s. Now at 75, he continues to work full-time, managing accounts for major corporations.

Sterling Wong (Photo by Elijah Shark)


“If drama sells, I’ve got lots,” says Sterling Wong, founder of emerging trail-blazing brokerage Search Realty, an industry technology pioneer.

All suites hotels are an underdeveloped market in Canada, says Hilton’s Jeff Cury.


Bill Duncan, global head of Hilton’s all suites and focused service categories, said in a news release that the Greater Toronto Area was selected for a Home2 Suites property because its "rapidly expanding tourism industry".

Juliana Vallée (Photo: Darla Furlani)


When Juliana Vallée’s vision first began to deteriorate, she didn’t realize she was setting off down the road to living with an inoperable brain tumour.

Lisa McCormack


When real estate sales rep Lisa McCormack tells clients that she and her team are ready to jump for them, she means it literally.