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Diane Slawych is a contributing writer for REM.


Every industry has been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. And while the fallout has mostly been negative, one niche business that has experienced a positive impact is that of virtual staging.

The undulating façade is made of sand-coloured limestone.


When the residential building La Pedrera was constructed on a prominent corner of Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, it was immediately ridiculed by critics. Today it attracts thousands of people a year.

Homewise COO and head of data Carlos Medeiros, left, and founder and CEO Jesse Abrams. (Photo: Brad Silverberg)


Homewise says consumers will be offered the best three mortgage options from more than 30 banks and other lenders, including credit unions, monoline lenders and private lenders.

The red room in Victor Hugo’s house


If he hadn’t found work as a successful author, Victor Hugo might have carved out a career for himself as an interior designer.

An exterior view of the Neolithic longhouse.


The typical Neolithic homes were made from organic materials, so they didn’t survive over the centuries – and as a result no one knows for certain what they looked like.

Officially the home is called Mezhyhirya, but locals sometimes refer to it as the “house of corruption”.


The newest tourist attraction in Ukraine’s capitol Kyiv is the secret home of the country’s former president, Viktor Yanukovych.

The interior of one of the homes in Zalissya.


Zalissya is located just south of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and within the 30-km exclusion zone. I am curious to see where people once lived and what has become of their homes.

Palafitos in Castro, the capital of the island of Chiloe in Chile.


Chile's palafitos – houses built on stilts along the waterfront – are an eye-catching sight, whether at high tide when the colourful wooden houses are reflected in the water, or at low tide.

Casa Batlló


Casa Batlló was designed by Antoni Gaudí, of La Sagrada Familia fame, and is considered one of his masterpieces. UNESCO named it a World Heritage Site.


Canadian cities such as Vancouver and Toronto are not alone in experiencing a crisis in affordable housing. It’s an issue that is explored in a new documentary, PUSH, by award-winning Swedish director Fredrik Gertten.