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It’s believed the first tube houses appeared on the scene as early as the 15th century.


What Vietnam's tube houses lack in width, they make up for in depth, stretching back as much as 230 feet, and height – five to seven storeys high is not unusual.

The Dymaxion House (the house of the future) on display at The Henry Ford, a museum complex in Michigan.


The Dymaxion House was conceived by architect R. Buckminster Fuller as the home of the future. It was designed in 1946 to be the “strongest, lightest and most cost-effective housing ever built.


Naturally, sellers prefer not to reveal any problems. After all, they’re motivated to sell. Sometimes, however, they can be incredibly forthcoming.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s boyhood home in Atlanta is open to visitors and free of charge, but arrive early for the best chance of getting in.


The boyhood home of Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the highlights of a new self-guided trail launched by Georgia Tourism this spring to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the civil rights leader’s death.

It’s worth walking around the Wall House to see it from various angles. (Photo: Diane Slawych)


“What normal family can live in such a house?” shrugs tour guide Titus Akkermans. No doubt about it, Wall House 2, located in the residential neighbourhood of Hoornse Meer in the Dutch city of Groningen, is an unusual structure.

Inntel Hotel in Zaandam, Holland features the facades of houses in the region. Note the blue house in the top corner, an homage to impressionist painter Claude Monet.


Inntel Hotel in Zaandam, Holland features the facades of houses in the region. It's part of a downtown development that includes several other new buildings constructed in the traditional styles and colours.

An example of a small home in Santa Cruz, Calif. built in 1861. (Photo: Lloyd Kahn)


Author Lloyd Kahn has lived in quite a few small (and unconventional) abodes over the years, including a geodesic dome and a chicken coop.

Visitors to Kinderdijk can walk or cycle along a path between the 19 windmills that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.


If there’s one building type that defines Holland more than any other, it’s the windmill. But for Peter Paul Klapwijk, the iconic Dutch structure is the place he and his family call home.

Terry O’Reilly is host of the CBC radio series Under the Influence.


Terry O’Reilly explored real estate marketing in a recent episode of his popular CBC radio series Under the Influence. We spoke with him to discuss some of his observation.

“I invited a mortgage broker, a notary and a Realtor from Ottawa to participate and act in the musical,” says Michael Lederman.


Quebec broker Michael Lederman created an online music video designed to help sell a home, and he’s so pleased with his first effort he plans to make more.