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Lasswell says it’s all about leveraging what you have and making the most of it.


Eileen Lasswell, broker at Chestnut Park Real Estate in Toronto, says, “I’m trying to come up with unique ideas that allow the public to enjoy a particular house without having to leave their home.


Moving is stressful at the best of times, but for residential and business clients who have the added pressure of worrying about COVID-19 and associated restrictions, it can take a toll.

The Key Living team, from left: Yash Mody, director of product; Craig Shannon, CFO; Alex Tang, finance; Daniel Dubois, co-founder and president; Louisa Clements, marketing; Vithushan Namasivayasivam, technical lead; Rob Richards, co-founder and CEO; Mark Petrov, finance; Mark McLean, VP sales and business development; Derek Manuge, finance; Alison Simpson, CMO; Russell Kim, marketing and sales. Not present when the photo was taken: Mark Vandenbosch, community and government relations.


Company vice president Mark McLean says Key Living has built a co-equity financial model to help consumers buy shares in a condominium for a minimum of $25,000 and build equity while paying a monthly all-inclusive payment to live in a suite of their choice as long as they want. The payments are linked to (but less than) market rents.

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While everyone stays in their box, real estate companies are thinking outside the box to provide their Realtors with special initiatives during the COVID-19 crisis.


BrokerBay co-founders Costa Ntoukas, the CEO, and Pavel Choulguine, the CTO, designed a modern front desk software/brokerage ecosystem designed to reduce call volume by 43 per cent and make confirmations three times faster.


Along with a will, there are three other separate free-standing documents you need to have to protect your family: two types of powers of attorney and a living will, also known as an advance care directive.


Drafting a will that divides assets equally sounds good, but if you have given more money to one child in your lifetime (such as help with university, a wedding or purchase of a house) it may be seen as unfair.


It’s the storytelling that draws potential buyers, especially those in the market for houses $5-million and up, says real estate agent Voula Argyropoulos of Hammond International Properties in Toronto.


Selling a family home after a parent dies can be an emotional and stressful time. Some heirs may be in a hurry to dispose of the property and move on.

V6 includes five flexible residential suites and one commercial unit.


A cool take on the family compound, V6 in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood offers a way for extended family members to live under one roof, but in separate living spaces.