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Alex Pilarski was introduced to the world of real estate in 1972. In 1985, he co-founded Re/Max Realtron with his brother Richard. Together they have been awarded many top honours within the Re/Max system, including No. 1 Re/Max in the world in 2012 (most transactions), International Broker/Owners of the Year and the Prestigious Distinguished Service Award. He is also a certified mentor with Buffini and Company and Richard Robbins International. Send him an email or phone 905-944-8800 x302.


Let’s look at geographic farming. Your objective is to be first in mind when a homeowner is thinking of selling his or her home. Here are four things you need to do before starting your geographic farm.


Salespeople always ask me what they should say when prospecting. I tell them the key is not what to say but what you ask.


By focusing only on making sales, most salespeople on Facebook never create a relationship with their clients and instead leave them with the impression that they are just out for the money.


Let me walk you through a bullet-proof strategy so you can control your fear and get the results you are striving for when door knocking for business.


These challenges have either set back real estate salespeople or forced them to quit. Here are the top seven challenges you'll face in a real estate career, and how you can overcome them.


Most real estate salespeople don’t understand why people use social media. Let me show you what they’re doing wrong and how you can improve to boost your earnings.