Cardboard furniture from Nextstage allows one person to stage an empty room.
Cardboard furniture from Nextstage allows one person to stage an empty room.

NextStage Furniture has developed a line of cardboard furniture products that minimize the cost and simplifies the process of staging properties on the real estate market. The furniture products are lightweight, collapsible, durable, versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly, the company says.

“The core of our furniture is corrugated cardboard. Usually, the first question people ask is ‘What happens if someone sits on it?’ and the answer to that question is nothing,” says Jeff Waltrip, vice-president of sales and marketing for NextStage Furniture. “We’ve lab tested our products for crush strength, and tests showed the furniture supports over 1,000 lbs., making it completely safe. Our beautiful slipcovers are designed specifically for our corrugated frameworks and allow the pieces to be nearly indistinguishable from traditional furniture. Prospective buyers are looking at the property for sale. Most often, they don’t even realize traditional furniture has been replaced.”

Waltrip says the products allow a once expensive, multiple person job to be done more cost effectively by a single person. “These savings are realized not only in the cost of the furniture, but in the storage and transport as well. NextStage Furniture products will put more money to the bottom line for everyone involved,” said Waltrip.

The company will ship its products to Canada. For information:


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