By David Greenspan

Are you concerned about Amazon stepping into the real estate market? Maybe you are wondering how it will affect you and your business. In this video, David Greenspan outlines three things to think about, and offers some suggestions about how to remain relevant in changing times.


  1. The emperor MLS has no clothes. I too have wondered why realtors don’t mount a huge revolt because we are being sold off to the highest bidder? We bear the brunt of everyone else making money off of us, selling it off to someone else like Zillow, who wants us to pay exhorbitant rates to buy back the leads? Come on, how are our Realtors associations (that we pay for) helping us in this?

  2. Idaho is a non-disclosure state so we only provide third party websites our listing information. However, if an agent pays to be on Zillow, etc, then they are required to provide the sold data.

  3. I agree that as realtors we must get out there and speak with people to be relevant however as a realtor for many years I’m angry that we must jump through hoops to get business, attend bi-annual training classes and pay crazy dues annually while the information from our listings that are posted on an MLS site are sold off to giant corporations like, Zillow and now Amazon who have no duty, specific or implied to any client and they sell unvetted leads to us realtors using our own listing data. This could all come to a crashing halt with realtor information staying with realtors and clients being protected from big business simply if we realtors forbid the MLS’s from selling our information. If they refuse, take back every listing and give it to a new national MLS created by realtors for realtors. If Amazon and others wish to conform to the same rules and laws we realtors are bound by, then welcome to the business but until then……..get out of my sandbox.

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