The Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) is now providing each of its 10,500 members with a subscription to the LifeLine Response safety application.

The association says a recent event in Calgary highlighted the need for further member safety support. In June, a female sales rep was sexually assaulted during an open house.

The association also says recent technology improvements have addressed the shortcomings of earlier safety applications.

It says in a news release, “Following extensive research, AREA is confident that LifeLine Response – a premier mobile safety application for iPhone and Android users – will provide Realtors with an extra layer of protection. The safety app will allow Realtors to alert their personal support network or summon emergency responders to their GPS location. The application also allows its users to view threat notifications in their area, increasing their situational awareness while on the job.”

Member subscriptions to LifeLine Response are included in membership dues at no additional cost.

LifeLine Response is a global company operating in more than 175 countries.


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