Agile CRM launches product specifically for real estate

Agile CRM launches product specifically for real estate

A screenshot of Agile CRM's
A screenshot of Agile CRM's "Real Estate CRM" product.

Agile CRM recently launched Real Estate CRM, which is says “is designed to empower real estate professionals – agents, teams, brokerages, and property managers – to seamlessly track and manage all of their customers, leads, listings and deals from a centralized, single pane of glass.” It says the platform automates and simplifies the sales process, saving real estate brokers and agents time spent in logistics across the sales cycle.

“Real estate professionals face a unique set of challenges when it comes to customer relationship management. What they really need is a solution that boosts efficiency and streamlines the management of properties, listings, requests and contacts, so they can close more deals at a faster rate,” says Manohar Chapalamadugu, founder and CEO at Agile CRM. “Our Real Estate CRM delivers endless flexibility to help users manage clients, showings, open houses, closings and any activity associated with the buying and selling process.”

It allows users to connect their MLS accounts to automatically load listings from within their CRM. It also features a built-in IDX website to help users generate leads and score top listings, as well as access private and MLS listings. Users can also take advantage of the platform’s built-in video emails, which can be used to drive higher response rates from customers through personalized communication, the company says.

It also includes enhanced flexibility for tracking and managing properties. The company says that the naming convention behind properties can vary widely depending on geography. For instance, what is referred to as a “condo” in the United States may simply be referred to as an “apartment” in other parts of the world. Real Estate CRM allows the real estate professional to customize property types by geography, as well as include any defining parameters or attributes associated with that property type, the company says.


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