Denneboom Media is launching a self-serve, web-based advertising dashboard for Mortgage Alliance, the largest independent mortgage brokerage in Canada. The Dashboard is an advanced online application that harnesses the buying power of over 1,800 professionals (including over 80 franchises) and allows them to instantly plan and buy their own advertising, nationwide, at discounted rates, says Denneboom Media in a news release.

“Mortgage Alliance knows that their brokers have the best mortgage expertise but recognized that planning and buying advertising requires a different set of skills,” says Denneboom founder and president Jack Denneboom. “The process of buying media is complicated and time consuming, involving hours of research, numerous emails, phone calls and often a great deal of frustration. With our application, a task that once took several hours over several days can now be done online in less than five minutes.” 

Denneboom has negotiated discounts of up to 60 per cent off. “Newspaper organizations across the country recognized the value in self-serve media buying and were quick to jump on board. To date, we have over 500 daily and weekly newspapers offering discounted rates to Mortgage Alliance brokers through the web-based application,” says Denneboom.

“We are confident that our Advertising Manager application can effectively be used by real estate companies, insurance brokerages, car dealerships, investment advisors, franchisees and other similar multi-agent organizations to plan and buy media in a more efficient and simplified manner,” he says.

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