Do your activities equal your goals? Bruce Keith explains what you should be asking yourself every day to help reach your goals.


  1. After one watches Bruce’s quickie video, have a look at the Tom Nickley video (upper left corner of screen showing training videos). It is one hour and eight minutes of pure yuk-yuk “how to” be a hot-dog prospector; it’s hilarious. That’s all that one apparently has to do in order to become a top Realtor in the states. Tom even says that he didn’t know anything about real estate, but what the hell, he knew how to prospect!…because…Tom was originally a tele-marketer, harassing three-hundred people a day selling wine. “Collections people make great Realtors/prospectors” is also a byline. The guy is hyper. In fact, the “moderator” (what a joke) asks if Tom has been diagnosed as having ADHD…seriously! Maybe he is a coke-head. The conversation is all about prospects as being commodities to be milked for deals, deals, deals. There is nothing much about fiduciary duties, just “sell, sell, sell man”. The numbers game theme is paramount. Oh…to be a Realtor in the States. Just keep on spinning that wheel of fortune and notch ’em up. They should all be selling insurance companies’ written-off used cars left over from the New Jersey and New Orleans hurricane floods.

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