By Adam Dumond

Three years ago I came across a guy doing videos to help sell huge mansions in California. I did not realize at that time how important that encounter was. I thought his videos were cool and they were. It didn’t cross my mind that I could replicate what he did in my little market in Southwest Ontario. Fast forward to the present day and I would have taken a loan out in order to have that chance encounter.

Here are eight reasons why I use video in my real estate marketing.\

1. This one is easy. The client wants it.

The client is always right and guess what? They are right again. Just consider for a moment these statistics:

  • 100 million users watch videos online every day.
  • 80 per cent of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they have visited in the past 30 days.
  • 46 per cent took some action after viewing the ad.
  • 58 per cent of buyers want and expect to see video of a home they’re looking at online.
  • 74 per cent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

(Sources: Forrester Research, comScore, Online Publishers Association, NAR, Nielsen, PEW Research, Cisco, KissMetrics, Multi Channel Merchant, eMarketer)

2. Videos elevate your professionalism.

Don’t get me wrong, they can make you can seem pretty unprofessional too. Properly used, video can market a home and provide valuable statistics and tips. It keeps your name and face in front of your database. How many times have you been out-and-about and a past client ducks away or avoids you?

3. The video listing presentation separates you from the competition and leads to increased referrals.

My listing presentation has dramatically changed. Here in essence is what I say: “Go check out my Business Facebook page and I’ll see you tomorrow at 2 pm.” When I show up the next day they understand what I am about. They see the glowing testimonials and the number of views each video has. I don’t have to sell them on me. I move towards the price conversation. The commission conversation is rarely seen anymore. My past clients now have a great reason to refer me.

4. It shows the seller you’re working.

The sellers now have “up-to-the-second” statistics they can refer to as their home is listed. I again refer them to my Facebook Business page. They see the number of views, the likes, comments (good and bad) and the shares. I can talk for hours about how critical and important this is. To have my sellers actively participate in the “likes, shares and comments” was an unexpected surprise. The sellers share with their friends (nice marketing for you). They like the video and your business page. Some have even commented (“just painted the living room”, “neighbours are so fun”).

5. It builds your brand.

I am getting known as “the Realtor that does the videos”. I have been at open houses speaking to a buyer while another buyer said, “I know I knew you from somewhere. You’re the video agent.” I have been stopped in stores and recognized in two Tim Hortons drive-thrus as, “Hey, you’re the video Realtor, right?” On two separate occasions I have been approached by a stranger, asking why their mom’s house isn’t selling.

6. Easier price reductions.

As a seller watching the action on their listing video, they might notice a comment about the price, a comment about the clutter or that it has a small backyard. I explain to the seller before the video is live that the public can be ruthless. But this is a nice feature benefit to them. It is important to actually hear what the public (potential buyers) thinks of their home.

7. It shows your character.

You may be a numbers person, so talk about the monthly stats to your clients. If you are organizing a social or a charity event in your neighbourhood, record and post it. You might be handy. Good, post a video showing small things sellers can do before they list. The ideas are endless. When you can put your personality together with a video, you reach people on a personal level, a deeper level.

The last reason to do real estate videos might be scary. No. 8 is: Someone else will do it.


  1. I wonder if there is a minimum thresh hold with videos. Sure it elevates your professionalism but is that only when it is a very professional looking video? Is it possible your video could hurt your professional image? I think it is, or atleast i think that is a real fear many people have and it keeps them from trying it out.

    • I think as long as you ensure the following basics of video production are included in your presentation, your video will be fine. 1. Use a microphone. 2. Keep the camera steady (use a tripod). 3. Be yourself. 4. Cut the fat and keep your narrative straight to the point. 5. Don’t make an epic movie, keep it quick and informative.

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