By David Greenspan

So much focus is always spent on the New Year’s resolutions…about what you are going to fix about yourself in the New Year. Yet most people don’t think about the actual process to bringing it all to life, the micro activities you need to perform every day to actually achieve the success you’re looking for.

Coming up with the resolution is the easy part. Managing time and having the road map to make it happen takes thinking. But bringing it to life, now that takes effort.

In real estate, time is always of the essence and no one ever has enough of it. In the video, I outline six steps to help you make it happen. And beyond these steps, we offer The MindShare Challenge, which is a 60-Day Challenge meant to set you up with the right habits for long-term success. Visit to learn more and get registered.


  1. I found a fool proof way to keep my New Year’s resolution. I resolved to stay EXACTLY the same as I was in 2019……except older and smarter

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