Is your mindset working for you?
In my 10 years of experience empowering real estate agents to reach their goals, I’ve coached many clients who were subconsciously attracting unwanted outcomes. They came to me feeling panicked and worried about market conditions and slowing sales.
They were diligently working to get their listings sold. But their tried-and-true marketing activities were no longer working. What was the problem? Their focus had shifted with their fearful state of mind.
Are you, as they were, preoccupied with things such as:
• How tough the market is getting.
• How there are too many houses for too few buyers.
• How unlikely it is for your listing to sell.
If you are, you will be creating the very thing you don’t want, which is that your listing won’t sell.  So what do you do?
Sustaining a positive, high-energy mindset is key to attracting your desired outcomes. Because it directly impacts your thoughts, beliefs and feelings, you need to work on your mindset daily to ensure that is working in your favour.
What are you doing for your mind? And did you know that you can create a feng shui for your mind to get your listed houses to sell?
Just as a house is more likely to sell when the energy has been positively enhanced with feng shui, your mind is more likely to create a positive outcome when you have been practicing the Law of Attraction. This powerful tool gives you a step-by-step procedure to become magnetic for abundance, sales and prosperity.
Ready to go from panic to power? Here are five tips for using the Law of Attraction to help you do just that.
Tip 1: Create a clear focus: Too often I hear my clients say, “I want my listings to sell” without being clear on what their desired sales scenario looks like.
I suggest visualizing your ideal sale. See yourself placing the Sold sign and declare the number of days the home has been on the market. Ask yourself how the purchase price compares to the asking price. What is your income?
You get the idea. Be clear, detailed, and specific about what you want. Once you are, choose to focus on only that. Channel your energy with the intention of attracting what you want.
Tip 2: Create harmony between your energy and your desires: Feel what it feels like to already have what you want. When you do, the energy vibrations you send out into the universe match what you desire, attracting it back to you.
To create that matching energy, visualize in an “as if” mode. In other words, use the power of your imagination to feel “as if” your listings have already sold as quickly, easily and profitably as you wanted.
What positive feelings are you experiencing? Most agents who do this activity say that they feel confident, satisfied, elated, exhilarated and just plain good. Whatever your unique feelings, know that the more you experience them, the more you magnetize the events leading up to these feelings to fall into your lap. So practice this “as if” mode every day: “My current house sells and I feel elated, happy, and ecstatic. I have two transactions that close in the coming month and I feel accomplished, successful, and prosperous.”
Tip 3: Clear your mental clutter: Your energy needs to flow freely without encountering harmful obstructions so that the Law of Attraction will work for you. So clear away all self-limiting beliefs. How? You’ll need to do a little soul searching, usually with the help of a professional coach specializing in this area, to uncover your subconscious opposing beliefs. They are our blind spots. They are below the surface of our awareness.
After you have identified these self-limiting beliefs, reprogram them to become Empowering Beliefs that are in alignment with what you want. Here is an example of one of the self limiting beliefs that I often hear from my clients, followed by what it sounds like after I helped them reprogram it into an Empowering Belief:
Self-limiting belief: “I don’t have what it takes to get my listings sold in a market as tough as this one.”
Empowering belief: “I have everything I need to succeed at getting my listings sold in any market.”
Now, just how important is it to clear your mental clutter through this transformation of beliefs?
Think about it this way. You wouldn’t risk sabotaging a sale by inviting clients to view a home that was cluttered with boxes or furniture that block freedom of movement. Yet you are probably trying to invite business into a mind that is cluttered with self-limiting beliefs that constrict the flow of energy into your business and block you from getting the very business that you want.
Tip 4: Take inspired action and allow it to come to you: Replace action based on fear with action based on intuition. There’s a very good reason for this. When you follow your inspired thoughts with inspired action – steps you are motivated to do by your inner nudgings or hunches – you feel good, energized and joyful. These feelings positively raise your energy vibrations and you become even more magnetic for what you want.
Here’s a tip: Find a way to quiet your mind so that you can listen to your inner nudgings. Chances are you’ve already experienced what intuition feels like, and you probably have acted on that intuition. That’s an example of inspired action. Begin to appreciate all of your thoughts and feelings so that you are more aware when you do get a hunch. Then act on it. What is your intuition telling you to do?
Tip 5: Follow the formula: Properly practice the Law of Attraction to get the results you want. Similar to feng shui, practicing the Law of Attraction requires understanding and consistent implementation on a day-to-day basis.
If you find this challenging to do on your own, know that you are in the good company of many others. Most of my clients find it much easier and more effective to have the ongoing guidance, support, and encouragement that a professional business coach can offer.
Whether going solo or with a coach, the bottom line is that you want to make sure you are correctly following the step-by-step process for the Law of Attraction. Why? Because with the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like” whether wanted or unwanted. To successfully become the deliberate creator of your sales success, become a master of the Law of Attraction.
As a review: Remember to work on your mindset every day to ensure that positive energy flows to make good things happen. Take care not to let external conditions control your mindset. Keep a positive, success mindset and expand the flow of energy into your business. The future of your business depends on your prosperity mindset, not the outer conditions, which are constantly changing.
With her 30 years of psychological expertise, Dr. Maya Bailey specializes in helping real estate professionals who want more clients, more free time, and a better lifestyle to create confidence, a positive mindset, and a step-by-step blueprint for success. For specific ways to “master your psychology” about getting clients and growing your business, and your personalized step-by-step success blueprint, visit To contact Dr. Maya Bailey, call (707) 799-5412.


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