By Michelle Risi

You don’t wake up every morning with the intent to fail. That’s just not how we, as humans, operate. Yet, I continue to see many real estate entrepreneurs struggling to build successful businesses while also creating lives they enjoy.

It’s important to recognize that as a real estate salesperson, you are a lifestyle entrepreneur. You may not have a laptop lifestyle where you are running your business from an exotic island, but many of us do have the same freedom and flexibility to design and operate a business around a life we love. You can be your own boss and you do have unlimited income potential. And you have the freedom to design your day.

So why do I see so many real estate lifestyle entrepreneurs struggle to achieve and enjoy this? Here are three reasons why you may be struggling.

1. Alignment:

Do you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve? You, your relationships, your health, your clients, your business strategy, your marketing strategy – all of these working pieces must be in alignment with your greater purpose if you are going to

achieve the success you dream of. You might have the best business plan, but if you are not taking steps in all areas of your life to ensure you remain focused on this vision, you will find it challenging to achieve. Tuning into the big picture will ensure you are not sacrificing long-term success for short-term rewards.

2. Entrepreneurial mindset:

No one is born knowing how to run a real estate business. These are skills that need to be learned. An entrepreneurial mindset means looking at your successes and failures as opportunities to learn and grow. There will be many ups and downs on the road to success, and having an entrepreneurial mindset is critical to propelling you forward during the times when you may feel pulled down. It is about remaining positive, focusing on your vision and being responsible in how you spend your most valuable resources – time and money.

3. Your biggest asset:

You are the visionary, the doer, the mastermind and everything in between. You are the biggest asset to your real estate business. How well are you taking care of yourself?

You might have a profitable business, but if your relationships are suffering, you can bet that this will have a negative impact on your future success. How about your health? Your mindset?

Everything that supports you being healthy and happy is your No. 1 priority. If you don’t have happy relationships or a healthy body, or if you have allowed yourself to reach the point of burnout, you will never be able to enjoy what you have built. And isn’t that the point?

Building a successful real estate business means that you are not only creating wealth, but are able to enjoy the freedom and flexibility that your business offers. Tuning into and aligning with your greater purpose, focusing on building an entrepreneurial mindset and taking care of your biggest asset are three ways that you can work on achieving the success you dream of.


  1. Well said & so true! I have been in this business now for 30 years. I have seen strong markets as well as week ones. One thing I’ve learned no matter what the market conditions are staying focused on maintaining client relationships & building new ones will also help sustain a lasting fulfilling career.

  2. Great points Michelle. I know, as a coach to many top producers, that their well being, their mindset and their relationships are critically important to the sustainability of their success. !

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