Your sales engine needs to run smoothly. If there is sand in your gearbox, the engine doesn’t run very well. The alternative is to add oil periodically to keep things fresh and clean and running smoothly. How often do you add oil to your gearbox?

Here are 10 things you could add to your “sales engine” right away:

1. Record your lead generation calls for 15 minutes and listen to your conversations.

2. Read inspirational material 30 minutes every morning and every night.

3. Get an accountability partner and check in with them every day.

4. Pick one bad habit you want to eliminate and cut it out right away.

5. Identify one good habit you want to start immediately.

6. Show your clients a typed agenda of what you are going to cover as you start every meeting.

7. Put your personal goals on paper. Be one of the three per cent who actually do this.

8. Buy this book: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. It will change you forever.

9. Revise your “asking for referrals” line. Here is mine: “As you know, I’m always looking for more people to help in my business…. I was wondering, who do you know that needs my help to buy or sell a home in the next little while?”

10. Call five people per day from your past clients and centres of influence list and ask for referrals.

Bonus point! Tell your spouse/partner (and your children) that you love them… do it right now!

Kick start your engine and give it a supercharged boost. Take on some of these ideas immediately… pick two or three and get started. If you decide your sales engine needs a complete oil change,  do them all! Either way your business will run smoother and faster. No excuses.

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Water shortage: We used to need a hand pump to get water. You pumped away, put some effort into the exercise and water magically appeared from the spout. It must have been an amazing invention when it first arrived.

Part of that exercise was to make sure that you kept the pump primed. Users learned very quickly that they had to keep putting a little water back in the well to ensure a constant flow the next time they needed more water.

The sales business works the same way…you cannot afford to have your sales well run dry. Here are some instructions from the manual.

1. Make sure there is a constant supply of leads in your well.

2. Use the pump every day to ensure a steady flow of leads.

3. Keep the pump parts oiled at all times to maintain ease of operation.

4. Critical point: Be sure to add leads to your well every day so the pump is always functional. Never let it run dry!

Everyone needs water to survive… it is right up there with oxygen. Every sales business needs leads… it is right up there with high energy and a strong mindset. Be sure to look after your sales well every day. The alternative is that will you have to go out and dig another well. That’s not an acceptable option. It certainly is a lot more work. Follow the instruction manual and keep your water flow constant. Never be thirsty! No excuses.

Bruce Keith - new pictureBruce Keith, the “Results Coach” has over 23 years of experience. He is a sales and marketing coach and seminar leader in the real estate business, teaching what to say and how to say it. His high-energy, high-impact training style is sought after and acclaimed across North America. He says, “Success is possible; there are no excuses”. www.brucekeithresults.com.


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