By David Greenspan

David Greenspan tells you in 55 seconds what you should be telling people when they ask you what you do for a living. Here’s a hint: Telling them you sell real estate isn’t good enough.


  1. I have heard this line being touted many times before, as I am sure have most REM followers, and yes, it does sound better (with shallow emphasis on the word “sound”) than saying “I am a real estate agent.” However, to say every time, to every person, that “I market superb properties”, or words to that effect, is to actually tell a lie, because…most registrants will try to list just about any property (that will generate a commission)…judged to be superb or not. In fact, I would submit that most properties listed by most registrants are ‘not’ superb properties at all unless one is working primarily in an upscale neighbourhood. Most neighbourhoods are not upscale, and most registrants do not work in upscale neighbourhoods. Thus, most registrants cannot claim to market superb properties, because the word “superb” is a relative descriptor that juxtaposes good vs bad. All properties cannot be good, ‘else there would be no bad properties, relatively speaking. Ergo, there could be no superb properties either; all properties would be the same. However, all are the same to registrants when it boils down to generating commissions. A commission is a commission no matter from where it is produced.
    It is time to get the spinning out of real estate sales claims and get the truth out there, all of the time. What a novel concept eh? Qualification of one’s claims is what is needed, and back up proof of one’s claims is vital to establishing an honest brand of professionalism. Spewing easily learned fifty-year-old hollow scripts is not the answer. Any one can do that. The old saying that “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing right” is an old saying because it is true. Becoming a professional Realtor is worth doing, so do it right. Forget scripts and remember what you are trying to become…a professional….or don’t do it at all.
    Short cuts are for know-nothing short-termers. It is like the difference between figuring out a mathematical problem via using the old fashioned long hand method (if you know how to do it in the first place, or doing it in your head if you have the brainpower) vs punching a few keys on a calculator. Anyone can punch keys. The former method is for people who know; the latter one-size-fits-all non-method is for people who don’t know. Scripts are for shallow desperate people without confidence (because they instinctively know that they are in over there heads?) who don’t know how to effectively deal with others without a crutch. People who need crutches do not belong on the road to professionalism. Snake oil salespeople do however need crutches, especially after their victims catch up with them after experiencing the ludicrous nature of their sales claims.
    As soon as I hear the beginnings of a script being spewed my way by any salesperson, I immediately turn off and expertly exit the scene. So too do many other consumers being spun as they become more and more aware of sales strategies being employed against them to get the salesperson to his/her goal…selling them on the script master. Don’t sell; offer proof. Talk is cheap; walk the walk. Dig down deep; forget the squawk.
    RECO: Maybe very wannabe should have to put up a significant financial amount ($5,000.)to be held in trust by RECO before being allowed to enter real estate university. This would ensure that every wannabe is at least somewhat financially secure and will not become a selling desperado using scripts instead of offering good old fashioned honesty and integrity when dealing with consumers. The $5,000. would be returned in installments over five years ($1,000. per year) as the wannabe proves his/her ability to operate as a professional. The wannabes’ files would be audited annually by RECO to ensure that compliance with professional standards are being rigorously met. If a wannabe does not make it and drops out, the remainder of the $5,000. would be forfeited. The mass numbers of failures-in-waiting cannon fodder for CREA and OREA (Ontario) dues would be reduced. Let’s raise the bar to entry from the basement level…finally. No riff-raff gamblers without skin in the game allowed.

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