By Joe Samson

Maintaining a real estate blog that attracts a lot of visitors is not something that happens by chance. It takes hard work, regular updating and attention to detail. If you want visitors to read what you have to say, you must entice them with killer content and information from which they can get something.

However, the visual aspect of your blog must not be forgotten. It’s essential to attract readers with images that catch their eyes and gives them more reason to read your content. With visual additions such as these, your blog will look more inviting to readers now and in the future.

So why are images so important when it comes to your online content? Here are a few reasons:

  • Increased social media presence: When individuals scroll through social media posts, they tend to only pay attention to those that are adorned with images. Unique pictures are more likely to stand out from other posts and be shared or liked by friends and family. Content with images gets 90 per cent more clicks than plain content.
  • Better first impression: Pictures can make it easier for visitors to emotionally connect with your content by making it look more inviting and positive. A graphic image helps to grab someone’s attention and it increases the click-through rate to the article.
  • Help with understanding: If you are writing complex information, pictures can help readers better understand what you’re trying to say. Multiple images within the article can aid the reader to take a break from reading while it keeps them more engaged on the page, so they will get through the entire post.
  • More attractive layout: When readers come to your site, they won’t be inundated by blocks of texts that are difficult for them to get through. Instead, pictures offer a better layout that adds more excitement to any post.

Whether you’re writing statistical data or a lot of in-depth information, you should avoid bare words that aren’t accompanied by images. Most users need to see images to better understand what you’re trying to say. The pictures will also make it easier to stay focused because the brain processes visuals much more quickly than plain text.

Finding the right images

Although images are important, not any image offers the same engagement. It’s important to use images that work based on the content that you’re writing. A couple of examples of visuals that are excellent for how-to posts include:

  1. Funny images – Memes are fun ways to add personality to your posts. Pinterest is a great place to visit to gather some ideas for your next image.
  2. Infographics – Although time-consuming, infographics offer a unique way to share information and data without having to write blocks of text. Infographics of real estate statistics provide an easy way to quickly understand market conditions and to get a sense of direction of where the market is heading.
How images benefit SEO

The highest search engine optimization rankings are given to long posts, videos and images. For this reason, adding images related to your content is crucial for your posts performing better in search engines. Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to add a picture even if your post isn’t going to be long. You can add titles, descriptions and tags to images to enhance your social media optimization as well. It’s also beneficial to add descriptions to the image’s file names to maximize exposure.

There is more content out there today than ever before, so it’s important to make your posts stand out from others. Images can help with this, as can killer content and headlines that grab the reader’s attention. Although it will take some time to determine the right images to use and how to best use them, it will be time well spent. Once you get things right, you will likely find that your content is shared and viewed more times than it was in the past.


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