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We are facing many problems in our country. There is not enough time and space here to discuss all the challenges of health care, especially mental health care, as well as housing for the poor and marginalized people in our society.


The Toronto Real Estate Board will release its annual Market Year in Review & Outlook Report on Tuesday. The Market Outlook will include the results of a study on consumer intentions.


Toronto’s TheRedPin says January is one month this year that home buyers have a financial advantage in the highly competitive Greater Toronto Area housing market.


According to data from the Toronto Real Estate Board, during the last 12 months, 62 per cent of individual (active) agents sold six homes or fewer. That number has increased to 78 per cent during the past six months!


Booms are driven by strong demand and constrained supply, whereas bubbles are driven by greed and extreme leverage. Canada has the former and not the latter.


Foreign buyers. There hasn’t been such a hot topic in real estate for a long time. Political answers to the problem of a not-completely understood factor is merely vote chasing and propaganda.



In B.C., real estate sales reps are getting slammed in the media on a daily basis. While its not unusual to get the bad...


We analyzed three months' worth of home buying search behaviour on Point2 Homes Canada. Here are some of the key findings about what Canadians are searching for.


What causes real estate bubbles in Canada? Is the real estate market in a bubble right now? Bubbles march to manipulations and emotions. But in Canada, our lifestyle housing requirements are quite unique.



Why does the mainstream media always get it wrong? Whenever anything is written about the Toronto real estate market, I just shake my head. The Toronto real estate market is being driven by these major factors.