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Communicating your value is more challenging and more important than ever. Many buyers and sellers believe they know as much (or more) than the average real estate professional.


Have you heard that “nothing lasts forever?” I’m sure you have. Have you thought about that at all in relation to the current real estate market in Southern Ontario? It will happen, just be prepared.


As witnessed in the days of Vancouver’s double-digit market appreciation and currently in Toronto, bidding wars can pump neighbourhood prices overnight, leaving lenders' data in the dust.


Red hot real estate markets in the Greater Toronto Area, Vancouver and other Canadian centres are creating new opportunities not only for homeowners, but also for owners of condominium investment properties.

Drew Keddy


Sutton Group president and CEO Drew Keddy says the long-term goal is to increase Sutton’s market penetration in key markets "because there’s a direct correlation between market share and broker profitability."


We are facing many problems in our country. There is not enough time and space here to discuss all the challenges of health care, especially mental health care, as well as housing for the poor and marginalized people in our society.


The Toronto Real Estate Board will release its annual Market Year in Review & Outlook Report on Tuesday. The Market Outlook will include the results of a study on consumer intentions.


Toronto’s TheRedPin says January is one month this year that home buyers have a financial advantage in the highly competitive Greater Toronto Area housing market.


According to data from the Toronto Real Estate Board, during the last 12 months, 62 per cent of individual (active) agents sold six homes or fewer. That number has increased to 78 per cent during the past six months!


Booms are driven by strong demand and constrained supply, whereas bubbles are driven by greed and extreme leverage. Canada has the former and not the latter.