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REALTOR® Stacey Peterson gets it; she’s learned that you can’t go all out, all the time, but that when you do go all out, you’ve got to work a plan and kill it. A RE/MAX agent in Wyoming, Stacey participated in Buffini & Company’s first Blitz productivity sprint of 2017 and by the end of it she’d received 22 referrals, closed 13 transactions and earned more than $96,172 in commissions. And as of this writing, she has 10 transactions under contract, with $50,000 pending in commissions.

Instead of working nose to the grindstone all year, the Blitz productivity sprints are designed to concentrate the majority of one’s lead generating efforts in short bursts that coincide with the natural rhythm of the real estate business. Not only do participants work 30 percent less, they garner big results: The average agent closes at least one extra transaction per month and earns $121,776 more if they complete all three sprints.

“I’m always looking for ways to better my business,” Stacey says. A Buffini & Company Member since 2008 and a self-described goal-getter, Stacey is committed to working by referral and always takes advantage of the tools and programs Buffini & Company offers, such as One2One Coaching and the original Blitz. As a result of her hard work and dedication to the system over the years, Stacey has become the number three agent in her county, out of 170 agents, and is the top solo agent.

“I’ve had a phenomenal quarter,” Stacey says. Instead of worrying if she’ll have business in place each month, she says the Blitz allowed her to generate solid leads and close deals, even in February and March when her area is still experiencing inclement winter weather. As a result of her hard work, she’s able to stay three to four months ahead. “Staying ahead is so crucial in business,” she says. She explains that agents who aren’t committed to a system often wonder where the next deal is coming from and not only have trouble staying motivated, but may also struggle in the business.

“The Blitz helped me remember to work on my business, not at my business,” she says. Between the Blitz and her Coach, Vance Noel, she remains consistent and continues to work on her business each day. Coach Vance also provides the encouragement she needs to stay on track and achieve her goals.

“I’m always telling people to sign up for the Blitz and Coaching,” she says. Other agents in the office remark that she’s always busy, whether it’s making calls, writing notes or checking in with clients, and as a result, she always has leads and deals in the pipeline. By staying committed to the weekly activities of the Blitz and leaning into her Coach, she’s been able to jump start her lead generation and ensure she stays ahead of the game.

Stacey’s not alone. Nearly 11,000 agents participated in the first Buffini & Company Blitz, doing $20.5 billion in total sales for $564.7 million in commissions in just 75 days. The next Blitz productivity sprint, the Summertime Surge, occurs in June and July and is sure to fuel a surge in leads to carry you through the summer and into fall. While other agents experience a slump, you’ll be positioned to own the hot summer market.

Registration opens in May so be sure to reserve your spot. If you want to take your business to the next level, or would like someone in your corner giving you the encouragement and feedback you need, sign up for One2One Coaching and get the Blitz programs free. The average income of One2One Coaching Members was $358,486 in 2016, more than eight times the gross income of the average REALTOR®.

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