The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) is calling for fines of up to $50,000 for registrants who breach the code of ethics in the act that regulates real estate in the province.

In the first of four white papers that state the association’s position towards moderating Ontario’s real estate rules, OREA also recommends that the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) be given more investigative powers, while at the same time asking that the regulator be subject to audits to ensure that “registrants’ fees and other sources of revenue are being used efficiently”.

The white paper includes eight policy proposals:

  1. At least double the maximum fines for REBBA Code of Ethics breaches to a maximum $50,000 for salespeople and brokers and $100,000 for brokerages
  2. The Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) be given the ability to order a registrant to repay either all, or a portion, of the profits gained as a result of a breach under the REBBA Code of Ethics
  3. RECO be given the authority to suspend or revoke registration or apply terms and conditions
  4. Permit the Auditor General of Ontario to conduct value for money audits of RECO and all its programs to ensure that registrants’ fees and other sources of revenue are being used efficiently
  5. Make all RECO registration fee increases subject to ministerial approval
  6. Make RECO subject to the oversight of an internal RECO ombudsman
  7. Provide RECO with powers to proactively investigate REBBA and the Code of Ethics violations; and
  8. Make RECO more transparent when it comes to freedom of information requests

OREA says the white papers are “intended to encourage member discussion on the individual proposals that will inform the final recommendations that OREA presents to the government.” It says phase one of the two-stage review process focused on the issue of multiple representation, to which OREA responded with a submission earlier this month. The second phase beginning this fall will look at all aspects of REBBA and will extend into 2018, says the association.


  1. Today’s Toronto Star credits OREA with being the “Watchdog” of Ontario Real Estate. It’s time for someone to explain to the OREA Directors that is RECO’s mandate. Tim Hudak should apply for the top job at RECO that is currently unfilled. OREA should be dissolved as it is unneeded irrelevant, and disdained by the RECO registrants who are forced to become members because of a decades old agreement with CREA regarding mls ownership.
    The useless courses and laughable issues regarding training at RECO are a direct result of OREA’s failure to properly fulfill its mandate over the years to such an extent that RECO took education away from the group who is even more incompetant than the actual regulators.

  2. OREA is an association of Ontario Real Estate Boards and their Directors are elected by Ontario Real Estate Board Directors who were elected by the Real Estate Board members(RECO Registrants). Most members believe that OREA is supposed to advocate for REALTORS not against REALTORS.
    RECO directors are elected by RECO registrants (9) and appointed by the Ont Government(3).Why do OREA directors believe the mandatory OREA fees which are collected by the various Ont Real Estate Boards and Associations should be used in the manner they are suggesting?
    There should be a total separation between RECO and OREA however OREA struggles to prove they offer anything of value other than it is mandatory to pay their fees. OREA should work with REALTORS to correct the ethical issues that exist through their association and the Real Estate Boards and Associations rather than try to pretend anyone at RECO or the Government pays any attention to their recommendations. OREA should advocate on REALTORS behalf and provide usable direction on how to respond to RECO complaints and keep members informed of the types of complaints and how to avoid them and if necessary defend against..
    OREA would disappear if membership was voluntary.

  3. It’s about effing time. Anyone think that Mr. Hudack is behind this? Bingo! I’m available for the position of “Internal RECO Ombudsman”. Let’s have a vote on that thought; just click up or down at the bottom of this comment.

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