MP900387751 (2)By Ingrid Menninga

Want to double the number of referrals you get this year?

Want to make $100,000 more?

Want to minimize the amount of time you work and make $25,000 more?

It’s all possible! To help you achieve this, I’ve written five simple steps that will help you break all your sales records this year.

Step 1:  Write down one sky-high goal for yourself on a piece of paper. Make sure that it’s really big. Can you dream bigger? Would you be happier to achieve a higher level of success? If yes, scratch out your last goal and put your new one down.

Step 2: Make sure your goal is a S.M.A.R.T. goal. Originally created by George T. Doran in a 1981 issue of the magazine Management Revue, this model for setting and achieving “dream like” goals is one of the most popular ways to make sure you achieve high flying goals. Here’s what makes a S.M.A.R.T. goal:

Specific: This is where you step up and make a commitment to something specific you will achieve in 2013. A general goal would be, “I’m going to increase my business in 2013” but that’s not specific enough. Instead, set a goal such as, “I’m going to take a marketing training class so I improve my lead-generation skills; I’m going to make 10 prospecting calls every day and get a minimum of five new prospects in my office every month”.  Get specific with your goal.

Measurable: Make sure that when you set your goals you have attached a number to it, such as “increase my business from 30 to 45 clients”. That way you’ll know when you’ve achieved your goal (and celebrate it) and it makes it easy to check in with yourself to see how you’re doing (there’s a tip on how to do that below).

Attainable: While this may seem like a, “Can I actually do this?” section where that little nagging voice comes into your head and says your goal is crazy, that’s not it at all.

I firmly believe that you, yes you, can achieve goals beyond your wildest dreams. There is no actual reason why you can’t, only “limiting beliefs” that hold you back.  So toss those aside, make an outrageous goal for yourself and then make it attainable by working back to see what you need to do to make it happen. Do you need to close one more deal a month in order to increase your closed deals to your dream goal? That doesn’t seem so hard, does it? When you work back you put the big, scary goals in perspective – it’s just a few more actions and results every month, and by the end of the year, you’ll be able to look back and say “Wow, I did it!”

Realistic: I want you to dream big on this one! Why? Because far-fetching, sky-high goals are often achieved more than “easy” goals. The low goal exerts a low motivational force…and that’s not what I want for you.  Don’t settle for average – if you set average goals, you’ll get average results, and that is definitely not what I want for you. You deserve so much more than that! I want you to stretch yourself to commit to a goal that is beyond your wildest dreams.

Timely:  Set a time frame for your big goal – and it’s more likely to come true. The easiest one is to set a goal for 2013.

Stringing all of these things together, the goal I mentioned above would be:

“I’m going to increase my sales in 2013 from 30 to 45 by taking a marketing training program to learn how to generate more leads, making 10 calls a day, and getting at least five new clients in my office every month.

Step Three: Tell people about your goal. If you want to really boost the chances that you hit that sky-high goal for 2013, tell people about it. By verbalizing your goals you are stepping into a different space – this isn’t your “secret wish” anymore, this is your, “I’m closing 45 deals this year” proclamation to the world, and it will have an extremely positive impact on your mindset, your outlook and your business success.

Step Four: Take action. It’s time to act upon the goal you set for yourself and go about achieving it. One foot in front of the other, one call after another, you will quickly start to see the results of your actions.

Ingrid Menninga 2Step Five: Check in with yourself once a month. My recommendation is to time block one hour the first Tuesday of every month. During this hour you’ll look at where you’ve come so far, celebrate your successes, take note of what worked and got results, and also take note of things you would like to change. You may find during your monthly check in that you need to increase your sky-high dream to an even bigger goal!

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