Dominion Lending Centres (DLC) has launched a nationwide, light-hearted advertising campaign featuring characters portraying outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama and an expectant mother of quadruplets to showcase the company’s ability to customize their services to address their customers’ needs.

“As housing markets, mortgage rules and interest rates change, people often do not think they will be able to find a mortgage to meet their specific challenges and that is simply not the case,” says Dave Teixeira, vice president of marketing, public relations and communications. “DLC’s ‘Our House’ campaign is designed to let Canadians know that whether you are a first-time buyer, downsizing, expanding, relocating, looking for a vacation property or in need of debt consolidation, ‘we’ve got a mortgage for that.’”

Three commercials were released this fall, including a holiday commercial featuring Santa Claus. The 1982 Madness hit single Our House is played in each of the commercials.

The commercials will run in key markets during peak viewership programming such as the Grey Cup, Super Bowl and the Masters Golf Tournament through spring 2017. They have an expected audience reach of 26 million views, the company says.


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