By Connie Adair

In a world of technology, Mohammed Rahman’s hardcover DLG (daily lead generating) planner sits on agents’ desks, a silent but constant reminder to stay focused and eliminate unproductive habits and replace them with productive ones.

Agents across North America are using the planner and brokers are buying personalized versions to share with the agents in their offices. One broker recently ordered 210 planners for one office, says Rahman, a sales rep with Re/Max Prime Properties in Markham, Ont.

Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman

Rahman developed the planner based on “things I practice in life,” he says. He came to Canada in 1982 and married when he was 23-years-old. Sadly, his wife died and he and was left to provide for a one- and five-year-old. The full-time real estate agent says he had to figure out a way to “master his real estate skills to keep on top of the crowd, to service clients and the boys at the same time, and work non-stop.” He had to learn how not to be distracted.

He has helped agents along the way by sharing his DLG system, and last year he decided it was time to produce a book and make it official. Since it was published last fall, Rahman has attended dozens of trade shows across Canada and the U.S. He will be at the NAR conference in Chicago this November.

The DLG planner helps generate more leads by eliminating such unproductive habits as distractions, procrastination and lack of motivation. Consistent use of the planner helps develop productive habits by selecting and scheduling activities and keeping agents organized. It’s a subtle yet reliable way to remind agents to generate more leads, he says.

The planner has daily pages, as well as lead pages, buyer and seller information pages and income and expense pages to keep the user organized. Those who use the planner are organized and realize the importance of putting valuable time to good use, he says.

There is a clear difference between agents who use the planner consistently and those who don’t, says Rahman, who has been using his system for over 25 years. “I’m blessed with the highest rewards from Re/Max.” He has received the Platinum Club, Chairman Club and Re/Max Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards.

However, he says the real measure of his success is his children. “One is a medical doctor and the other is in second-year medical school. This is my success.”

DLG Planners are priced at $59 each. Personalizing is extra.


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