Designation Hub, an online real estate business platform that offers training and business tools to real estate salespeople, has launched a campaign to rally more support for Ontario’s Bill 104, Tax Fairness For Realtors Act. The company is giving away up to 10 free designations for Realtors in Ontario through a raffle. It is also offering a $50 discount to every designation bought in relation to the number of shares they receive from their campaign.

The bill is the third attempt to allow real estate sales reps in Ontario to incorporate their business, rather than continue as independent contractors. It passed second reading on March 23 and now has moved to the final stages of debate before a third reading.

“Agents continue to face an uphill battle, with pressure from their competition, consistently having to justify their commission with clients and continuous new technologies trying to replace agents in the industry” says Shahla Jalali, COO of Designation Hub. “We support the agents of Ontario to structure their business with more control, and allocate those funds to their marketing and training, which would ultimately benefit their clients and the homeowners of Ontario. That is why we are support Bill 104. Value from agents comes from what they know, not just what they do.”

If the bill is passed, it would amend the Real Estate and Business Broker Act 2002 (REBBA), which currently prevents real estate agents from incorporating their business. No other changes such as fees or consumer protection would be impacted by the supported bill, which is co-sponsored by Liberal and NDP members.

Designation Hub’s raffle for the 10 free designations is open for submissions until April 7, with the winners to be announced on April 10. Ontario agents can enter for a chance to win a free designation of their choice by submitting their application here.

The promo code bill104, to receive $50 off any designation will be available for agents or their assistants between April 10 and May 1. Agents and residents can also show their support for the bill by signing the petition here.


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