Darkhorse Analytics, an Edmonton company that specializes in predictive analytics and data visualizations, has created a free online mapping tool for assessments in Vancouver, Edmonton and San Francisco.

“Visually comparing property assessments both within and across cities can lead to some startling insights,” says Eugene Chen, director of the firm. “It’s one thing to know that it’s expensive to buy a home in either city, it’s quite another to see what a million dollars, assuming home sale prices are close to assessments, won’t get you in Vancouver, but will get you in Edmonton. And then there are the entire blocks of homes with assessments over $10 million or patterns like how ponds affect assessments, among other stories.”

Daniel Haight, president of Darkhorse Analytics, says, “The information is out there. But we want to make it engaging.”

The company says that users will appreciate the ability to set a price on what they might be able to afford in either city and have those areas highlighted. They can also read through the “Stories in the Data” function of the site, which identifies patterns and stories in the assessments, including $0 assessments in Edmonton, the highest assessment for any land parcel in Vancouver ($3.3 billion) and other zones of interest.

The company says Edmonton has a median residential assessment around $322,000 in 2017. In 2016, the average sale price of detached homes in Vancouver was $2.77 million. In San Francisco, the median assessment of a dwelling sold in 2015 was $1.6 million (CAD).

By selecting any single land parcel or building on the map, users can see the difference between their own assessments versus their neighbours’. Zooming out, users can compare that same property/parcel to the entire city’s, and can also compare selected properties in Google and in 3D.


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