By Toby Welch

In a bid to stand out from other real estate professionals, many sales reps have come up with slogans to advertise their services.

The right tagline will capture people’s attention, tell something about yourself and motivate people to use your services. Your slogan is a vital part of your brand.

When coming up with an effective slogan, keep these characteristics in mind as you make a list of possibilities:

* The slogan should be as catchy online as it is offline.

* It must grab your target audience’s attention.

* It must spotlight something unique about you.

* It must stand out from the crowd of other sales rep’s slogans.

* It’s outrageous enough to be remembered but not corny or cheesy.

* It must stand the test of time.

* It must be an original and powerful message.

Catchy and clever is what you are aiming for.

When you have narrowed your list of potential slogans down to two or three, ask people for their input. You should be able to get a general consensus as to which slogan will work best for you.

Mike Blaney, a marketing expert who has developed a specialty helping real estate professionals build their businesses, spoke to REM to share what makes a slogan work.

“A slogan or tagline should answer the questions, ‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘How will this person, product or service help me with my problem?’ It should convey a solution to the reader’s problem,” says Blaney. “It should be about the reader, not about the Realtor. It should solve a problem. Buyers are concerned about certain aspects of the process, as are sellers, and a slogan should address the benefit of working with the Realtor.”

REM asked Blaney to offer a critique of several real estate slogans.

The slogan for Lynn Clayton, a broker with Coldwell Banker, The Property Shoppe Real Estate in Kincardine, Ont., is “The Power of Two = Assured Results for You”.

Blaney says: “It is typical for pairs, partners or couples to try and justify the fact that there is a benefit to using two Realtors instead of one, but it does not convey anything more than there are two people. Having two people working for you is not a perceived benefit.”

Jennifer Turcotte
Jennifer Turcotte

But Clayton believes that for some people, having two people working for them is indeed a perceived benefit.

Jennifer E. Turcotte, broker with Re/Max Pembroke Realty in Petawawa, Ont., uses “Welcome… You’ll feel right at home with me.”

Blaney says: “This slogan is attractive to a buyer that needs hand-holding. It conveys a warm personality. It has a very positive connotation. It is easy to demonstrate this feeling.”

Turcotte says her slogan is a part of her success as it reflects who she is and the service she provides.

The tagline for Bob Stewart, broker with Claimpost Realty in Timmins, Ont., is “Bob Knows Real Estate.”

Blaney says: “Simple and straight forward, but we expect that from a Realtor. Okay, you know real estate, but how does that help me? Shouldn’t every Realtor know real estate?”

Stewart says his slogan backs up what he preaches about having the benefit of 38 years in all areas of the industry in his community behind him.

John Norrie, a sales rep with MaxWell Canyon Creek Real Estate in Calgary, uses the slogan “Known for Service, Trusted for Results.”

Blaney says, “Do all Norrie’s testimonials prove good service is offered and results are always there? How do you quantify good service? Do you have a system to ensure people are getting good service? Do you measure results?”

Valerie Konechny of Prudential Toole Peet Real Estate in Calgary has the slogan “Your Dreams, Our Focus”.

Blaney says, “Do people have dreams? First-time buyers may dream about a home, but do others? It does not attract sellers. It is difficult to live up to this claim.”

Konechny says she had a client who was able to move into a home that for most people would only be a dream. She says that every person who was able to buy a home has always dreamed of what it would look like. Konechny also wanted to convey in her slogan that helping clients find the home of their dreams was her focus.

“Your satisfaction is my best reward!” is the slogan of Bart Rybarczyk of Re/Max Realty Specialists in Mississauga, Ont.

Blaney says: “Are people looking to be satisfied? Do they expect just to be satisfied or are they expecting incredible results? Do people care about the compensation of the Realtor or why they are in the business?”
Mike Mills
Mike Mills

Mike Mills, a broker with Royal LePage Real Estate Services in Mississauga, uses this slogan: “If my sign is on your lawn, hurry home! You’re moving!”

Blaney says, “This slogan is too corny and difficult to live up to. It sets too high of an expectation. It is too long and does not work in most advertising.”

Mills said his slogan is a great ice breaker, but says there are some agents who have given him a tough time (he hopes in jest) when his sign was on a lawn for longer than four or five months.

Walter Doret, broker of Royal LePage First Contact Realty in Barrie, Ont., uses “Sincere Service… Nothing Less”.

Bench SignBlaney says: “When people ask themselves which Realtor is best for them, sincere service is expected. It does not conjure up a positive image of an experienced Realtor.”

Doret says he has used the slogan for seven years and his clients say they like the simplicity of the slogan, which accurately portraits his level of service and personality.

Blaine Dushanek
Blaine Dushanek

Blaine Dushanek of Maxwell Real Estate in Red Deer, Alta. has this tagline:  “Don’t Panek – Call Blaine Dushanek”.

“This slogan is great for name recognition. It is a cute play on words,” says Blaney. “It addresses the fear that people may feel when they have to sell a home.”

Dushanek says it is very common to have people repeat the slogan when he introduces himself to them. He feels strongly that his slogan has helped people remember his name over the years.

Once you have the perfect slogan, use it at every opportunity as part of your brand. Publicize it whenever and wherever possible. Put it on your business cards, your letterhead, your website, in all your marketing and on your car if it’s an advertising vehicle. Your slogan is an integral part of your image and identity.

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