Vito Campanale
Vito Campanale

Century 21 First Canadian now has a boutique office in the Walmart in northwest London, Ont. Any Century 21 agents can drop in as needed, but it also has 19 unique agents to serve the local community during the store’s prime hours.

“I always think you should try something new and different. This is a community-based area and I just thought the brand would fit into the neighbourhood nicely,” says Vito Campanale, owner and broker of record for First Canadian.

The location adds to a variety of services available at the big box store. Since its opening, Walmart has attracted about two million customers per year, which Campanale says he hopes will translate into plenty of foot traffic at the new location.

“The north end of London is an up-and-growing area,” he says. “In the short time we’ve been open we’ve been pleased with the growth we’re seeing and we’re happy to help our clients establish themselves here.”


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