Ninety per cent of the units have balconies with views of the St. Lawrence River.


The Stone & South development is one of a few new projects that promise to breathe new life into Gananoque. The project is aimed at city retirees who are cashing in their equity and considering a move to the charming town.

The film interviews a pensioner named Maurice, who lives in his van.


The many causes of the housing crisis in Vancouver and how people are dealing with it are explored in the documentary, Vancouver: No Fixed Address, which had its world premiere at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto.

Costa Poulopoulos and Mary Johnson (Photo by Rachael Little)


Costa Poulopoulos and Mary Johnson, who formerly operated Realty Executives Elite, re-branded and launched London, Ontario based StreetCity last summer, in partnership with Peerage Realty Partners.

Stan Albert


Lasting over five decades, Stan Albert has seen markets rise and fall, but what sets him apart is the hawk eye he’s developed for every facet of sales – from houses and neighbourhoods to the agents themselves.

The Hendrika Maria houseboat museum in Amsterdam.


When Vincent van Loon lived on a houseboat in Amsterdam, he often encountered questions from passersby. “How do you get your water and electricity?” they would ask, or “Is it cold, damp and dark onboard?”


Kelley Skar, the chief operating officer of Calgary-based Redline Real Estate Group, believes the term “full-service brokerage” is being used too loosely within the real estate industry.

Frank Cormaggi, Adele Longo, Alba DiPlacido and Laura Cormaggi.


Whole adult lives are spent building sales careers and the real estate industry is no exception. But time marches on and then, in what seems like the blink of an eye, it’s time to retire.

The Julie Kinnear team, from left: Jennifer Palacios, Julie Kinnear, Holly Chandler, Claire Hartviksen and Tyler Delaney. (Photo by Marko Shark)


The members of Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty’s Julie Kinnear Team in Toronto are happy to sympathize with clients who describe – in great detail – their recent knee surgery or their dog’s challenges around house training.

Shophouses (as they are today) in Singapore’s Little India in the early morning before the bustle of the day.


In the 1800s, Singapore had its own version, called the shophouse, typically a two or three storey building owned by one family who would operate a business on the ground floor and live on the upper levels.

Bea Smith


“I can truly say, I have seen and done it all,” says Bea Smith, who retired in March after 48 years in the real estate industry.