Nick Lalli says his company’s business model is “much cleaner for succession planning.” (Photo by Rachael Little)


Ever since Century 21 Heritage House was formed in 1980, its solution to succession planning challenges has been to allow top sales reps to become partners.

John-Ross Parks during his rooftop adventure.


Sales rep John-Ross Parks spent nearly six days and nights on a downtown rooftop to raise funds for charity, while Peter Kolisnyk shined a spotlight on homelessness by sleeping in a car for seven nights.

Trudy Wilson (Photos by Jenn Schofield of CatsMac Photography)


Last year Trudy Wilson, 46-year-old real estate broker and mother of five, swam the entire 386-km Trent-Severn Waterway. The voyage was anything but smooth sailing.

Santa Claus welcomes us with open arms to his home (on left) in Finland.


Santa Claus gets to see the inside of many people’s homes on his travels around the globe while distributing gifts during the Christmas season, but rarely does anyone get a peak inside his abode.

Cliff Iverson (Photo: Ryan Parent)


REM editor Jim Adair interviewed Iverson, along with CREA CEO Gary Simonsen, about what is perhaps the most tumultuous year ever for organized real estate in Canada.

Jeffrey Kerr (Photo by Marko Shark)


“A lot of agents position themselves as community experts, but I’m a disability expert,” says Jeffrey Kerr, a sales rep with Re/Max Unique in Toronto. “My goal is to connect buyers and sellers in this specialty niche."

Sally McGarr


McGarr started her firm in 1988. Nearly 30 years later, she still employs three of the original four staffers who joined her company back then. So how does she engender loyalty?


For the first time that I am aware of, a law firm in Ontario has established its own real estate brokerage to handle the needs of the local community. But not everybody is happy with the start-up realty firm.

Learning to pick locks with the help of TOOOL Toronto at this past summer’s Maker Festival at the Toronto Reference Library (Photo by Diane Slawych)


Pssst! Want to learn how to pick a lock? Actually there’s no need to whisper or hide in the shadows, not anymore. Some security experts in Canada are teaching anyone who is interested.

U. Gary Charlwood (Photos by Darla Furlani)


When U. Gary Charlwood immigrated to Canada from England 50 years ago, little did he know he’d end up spending more than four decades enjoying a high-flying career in the Canadian real estate industry.