Guest Columns

Guest Columns


Ontario recently took a step in making agent incorporation available to Realtors in that province. It is a hot button issue that has been getting even hotter on social media in the last month.


"I’d like to tell you about some developments that everyone in our industry should be excited about," says Mike Cusano, chair of the Real Estate Council of Ontario’s Board of Directors.


Using a unique or above-market co-op commission could be the marketing tool that helps sell the listing and puts more money in both the seller’s and agent’s pocket, after all is said and done.


Not content with its annual millions in licence fees, RECO has systematically pursued new ways to generate revenue while pushing existing Ontario businesses out of the way.


In my opinion, the use of this clause by any Realtor needs to be looked at with a much deeper interpretation of the implications it creates.


If I wasn’t a Realtor and saw a “Coming Soon” sign, I would leave and not bother calling until the sign was removed or I saw it on MLS. Let’s play by the rules that we advertise and promote.


Foreign buyers. There hasn’t been such a hot topic in real estate for a long time. Political answers to the problem of a not-completely understood factor is merely vote chasing and propaganda.


Certainly, there is no way we can consider ourselves as "indentured servants"… can we? We are free to make a living… aren’t we? Many of us joined the industry because it is the only viable way we might make money after we turn 50.


John DiMichele, CEO of the Toronto Real Estate Board, writes "TREB has never been opposed to any innovation in the real estate marketplace, nor the distribution of property data, particularly the sold price."


Switching from a non-brand to brand brokerage does not automatically increase one’s business. Branding oneself as an individual is absolutely necessary in our industry.