In the Cheers bar of life, how do you make sure everybody knows your name? A new software program, BellaRuby Closing Gift, helps agents build relationships with their clients by subtly keeping their name front and centre.

Nat Wallen, who has been a real estate agent since 1995, created the BellaRuby customer relationship management system software to help busy agents keep in touch with their clients on a regular, but not-annoying, basis.

“A National Association of Realtors survey says 84 per cent of homeowners don’t remember their agent’s first name after two years,” says the Charleston, S.C.-based Realtor.

Nat Wallen
Nat Wallen

BellaRuby (named after his daughters, 12-year-old Bella and 10-year-old Ruby) helps agents fit relationship building into their busy day and creates after-sale value for the long-term, he says.

The best thing is that the software does the lion’s share of work for you – all agents must do is spend about 10 minutes entering information and the software does the rest, sending clients helpful reminders indefinitely from the time the transaction closes. Agents can add their entire files (including ones that contain more than one document) at once. They can create a welcome video with a personalized message and offer clients the names of their trusted contacts for home repairs and services.

Clients will receive 14 communications per year, from a fun “half birthday” greeting to insurance and maintenance reminders. Each communication bears the agent’s name, photo and contact information.

When clients request contact information for home repairs and services, the agent gets the request and passes along the information. That provides another point of contact with the client. The word-of-mouth, automated system allows the agent to invite trusted connections to join, and tracks the number of referrals made to trigger reciprocity.

Agents can keep track of statistics on their dashboard and homeowners can use their dashboard to stay organized, with separate “vaults” for different types of documents and photos. They can also set their own reminders. Each time a reminder pops up, it includes the agent’s photo and information.

Wallen says he would have had more business if he had found the time to cultivate more relationships. However, agents get busy and things fall through the cracks. BellaRuby is there to make sure that doesn’t happen, he says.

An unlimited number of closing gifts are available for $59 US per month.


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