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Susan Doran

Susan Doran is a Toronto-based freelance writer who has been contributing to REM since its very first issue.


Founded by husband and wife Daniel and Katie Steinfeld, On the Block Realty offers clients a choice between conventional real estate sales methods or opting instead for a “‘sale by online auction” platform.

Kim Heizmann (Photo: Covington Studio)


Kim Heizmann of Vernon, B.C. was recently named Century 21 Canada’s Sales Associate of the Year. The top producer says, “I care about people, not just transactions.”

Paul and Lee Ruby (Photo: Ben Lariviere)


“What’s the catch?” is often the first question asked by broker/owners who’ve been approached by the Peak Real Estate Network in its intensifying efforts to expand its brand.

Ryan Hodge (Photo: Rachael Little)


“Real estate is a breeding ground for addictions,” says Ryan Hodge. “It’s a profession based on validation – which should lie within you, not come from others.”

Craig Smith (Photo by Randy Dawe)


Sales rep Craig Smith, born and raised in Newfoundland, has been in real estate for over a decade, and has been a professional firefighter for almost twice that long.

Costa Poulopoulos and Mary Johnson (Photo by Rachael Little)


Costa Poulopoulos and Mary Johnson, who formerly operated Realty Executives Elite, re-branded and launched London, Ontario based StreetCity last summer, in partnership with Peerage Realty Partners.

The Julie Kinnear team, from left: Jennifer Palacios, Julie Kinnear, Holly Chandler, Claire Hartviksen and Tyler Delaney. (Photo by Marko Shark)


The members of Keller Williams Neighbourhood Realty’s Julie Kinnear Team in Toronto are happy to sympathize with clients who describe – in great detail – their recent knee surgery or their dog’s challenges around house training.

Nick Lalli says his company’s business model is “much cleaner for succession planning.” (Photo by Rachael Little)


Ever since Century 21 Heritage House was formed in 1980, its solution to succession planning challenges has been to allow top sales reps to become partners.


In the face of increasing challenges to the industry, OREA members will vote Feb. 28 on proposals that would streamline operations, improve transparency and come up with a plan for the future.


Seniors are sharing ongoing household expenses and the cost of support services, while each owning an undivided interest in the whole property (not just their exclusive private area) that can be sold on the open market.